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Welcome to Crystal Heart Psychics

Where your heart truly matters.

At Crystal Heart Psychics,we provide you with a professional, caring and ethical telephone psychic readings providing guidance and clarity in matters of the heart, love and relationships and career or life path decisions.

Our team of exceptionally gifted online psychic readers have a wealth experience, skills and abilities, such as psychic mediums, clairvoyants, tarot reader's, alongside this most of our team have life guidance, coaching and counselling experience and qualifications. We speak from the heart, to offer clarity and guidance with encouragement and support through any given situation. We offer guidance of all areas of love and relationships, career path and any life decisions you are making right now.

Our online psychic readings are insightful and enlightening helping guide you onto your right path, empowering you to listen to your own heart and intuition. We care about YOU.

To ensure we offer you a the best psychic reading and counselling service, we have a 5 minute guarantee, with all credit card psychic readings. If you do not connect with your chosen reader, end the call politely and call our credit card receptionist on +44 (0) 207 754 5333 and you will be connected to another reader. See our psychic readings tab for details.

We offer a range of services.

Psychic counselling and Psychic readings over the telephone, we believe that by offering psychic readings with the additional benefits of counselling, life coaching and life guidance skills we have the ability to help you along your life path. 

Animal communication over the telephone - communicating with animals is simply by pictures we receive clairvoyantly. Look out for our animal communication skills within our reader profiles by simply clicking on our pictures. 

Psychic parties, a party with a difference, you provide the party we provide a crystal heart psychic, simply complete our party booking form or call our party hotline 0333 022 9289, for telephone readings please use our other numbers.

There are times in our lives where there is uncertainty we are there to offer a guiding hand with love, encouragement and support at Crystal Heart Psychics. So you have the ability and clarity to make the right choices, be guided through difficult decisions and where changes can feel unsettling, we are there with our guiding hand, helping you heal. We will help you tune in to your own intuition and heart, and this is where our online psychic readings assist you.

You have the power to change your life and our readings can assist you in making those positive changes by helping you find your light. 

Our family of professional and caring online psychic readers are thoroughly tested by myself to ensure we deliver authentic and quality ethical caring and professional psychic readings.

Caroline xx

Founder of Crystal Heart Psychics

Natural born empath and healer, Psychic medium and Animal communicator

Interview with a Psychic - Soul and Spirit Magazine October 2013

Spotlight on a psychic - Soul and Spirit Magazine July 2014

Qualifications : Bsc(hons), NLP Prac, Hypno Dip, Timeline Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapist, Spiritual Practitioner, Reiki & Seichem Tera Mai Master