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Sometimes in life we do suffer difficulties and it can be hard to stay focused and positive throughout those times and in turn keep our energy positive and focused on our desires and ambitions.
However we do get signs sometimes in the direction or path we are meant to be following and that so called bad event that we may have gone through, just decided to have a silver lining !!
As much as myself (Caroline) being a psychic and medium, there are certain events that have happened in my life that have profoundly changed my perspective and view on life and some of these events as a psychic and medium I followed my intuition and heart, and at a later stage in life looked back and said oh yes that’s why that happened.
It also gives you strength, there is nothing to fear or worry about. Whilst I think the role of a psychic is to reassure, and give positive and empowering readings and our role is to provide the choices ahead for you.
Angels lighting the way, there have been many events I certainly have stepped through and there has been times where for want of a better word life hasn’t been the easiest, by remaining positive and calm you can step round  them and it is these learning’s that has shaped my work as a psychic, medium, clairvoyant and healer.
Angels always ensure that no matter how turbulent life becomes sometimes, they will always show you signs to move onto your path.
The signs could be something as simple as a total stranger walking up to you in the street and saying something so profound it touches you in every way.
Whether that be by your own intuition and what is in your heart.
Or just events that occur to encourage you to take a look at your life path.
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