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Why we do animal readings at Crystal Heart psychics

As much as we love giving readings and providing support and balance for humans.

We also provide an animal communication service.

The reason for this, is because as much as it is important for a person to be heard, it is just as important for an animal to be heard. Once an animal is heard, they can be more intune with their owner and they will settle down over time.

A psychic can’t perform miracles and make an animal behave but what they can do is help you communicate with your animal better.

Animals cant communicate by speaking and the way an animal speaks to a psychic is by pictures. A psychic can convey that to you and help you understand your animal better.

Animals are just like children, whilst they need boundaries, they also need love and consideration. As an owner they must also respect the relationship they have with you and the boundaries you set down, each animal is different and dependent upon it’s personality they may need different treatment.

A psychic can help you tune into that.

The reason for providing this service is Caroline the founder of Crystal Heart Psychics found out about her gift through her horse. He is sadly departed npw, but due to this legacy the animal communication service was set up.

His story is, he came to me as an x racehorse, he was extremely sensitive and a beautiful soul, but he had a personality second to none and quite a stubborn streak and thought nothing of playing up.

I (Caroline) had him on loan for a while before purchasing him, however after I had bought him he did start to play up. So I moved him to a good yard with a good dressage trainer.

However 3 months after owning him, he was diagnosed with a Keratoma, a rare tumour in his hoof. He was operated on and was on box rest (for those horse owners out there) for 9 months.

In this time, it was when my relationship was built, I would walk into his stable and my hands would give off heat. At the time I wasn’t aware of what it was but instinctively I knew that if I placed my hands on him it would make him feel better.

When I started to do this, I would be shown pictures of things that had happened in the past, at first I thought no this cant be right. It wasn’t until I had another spiritual healer come and see him, very well respected in his field.

“I was told, you are his mother and yes you are right he did have a steeplechase fall that created an emotional trauma that manifested later on as a tumour”.

Later on through my own life circumstances I learnt indeed I was a natural born healer and psychic and it was infact 4 generations deep in the family.

For his recovery he also had an excellent team of vet’s and farrier’s to ensure he recovered correctly. But after the operation he recovered, he had a fifth of he pedal bone missing, arthiritus and navicular in that particular hoof, he remained sound for the rest of his years.

Even though I am a psychic and healer I would never discount the services of the veterinary profession or farriers.
But with love, patience and kindness and a bit of respect and listening to my horses needs, he became a good horse, he was retrained to medium level dressage and whilst he had his own personality the bond between owner and horse was always there.

It is a wonderful experience when riding a horse to feel the connection and this is where the magic of riding horses truly is. If you have an amazing bond with your animal, you will naturally find they will connect with you.
It was due to my ability to communicate with my own horse that I discovered my gift and enjoyed an amazing 12 year relationship.

That is why at Crystal Heart Psychics, we wanted to offer animal communication.

A heard animal is a happy animal and a psychics job can tell you what they are thinking, this inturn helps you better understand your animal and its needs, which creates a better relationship.

Author – Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics

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