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Useful for: Balancing energy fields, emotional healing renewed strength and confidence

Element : Storm

Chakras : All

This stone is a powerful healer and helps to balance the emotional body.

It can assist in maintaining a centre of serenity in trying circumstances and in discharging subconscious held tensions relating to past emotional wounds.

Such memories can initially occur as vivid as the re-experiencing of old wounding’s. However when such attachments have been cleared from the body and the auric field, Aragonite star clusters can facilitate a real adventure of exploration.

When meditating or holding aragonite, there is a feeling of joy, lightness, abundance and calm.
Aragonite teaches patience and acceptance, it combats over sensitivity and is good for people who push themselves to hard.

It facilitate delegating, its practical energy encourages discipline and reliability and develops a realistic approach to life.

Mentally the stone helps with focus and being proactive.

Spiritually the stone stabilises the spiritual energy and assists spiritual development, whilst remaining grounded and in control, it has a calming energy, that restores balance, aids with meditation by raising spiritual vibration.

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