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Raphael is god’s healer and represents healers all over the world.

He works with both humans and animals and those who call upon Raphael heal rapidly.

If an ailing person refuses spiritual treatment, it cannot be forced, hence you will find most healers do not give healing unless asked.

However Raphael’s presence will have a comforting effect, which will aid in natural healing by reducing stress and anxiety.

Raphael is also the patron of all traveller’s and helps with safe travel.

Raphael also helps would be healers with their education and works mainly on the green ray of healing.

He is a healer and guide for all animals and a help in retrieving lost pets.

So when you are feeling like you need healing, call upon Archangel Raphael to assist.

Archangel Raphael helps with:

Addictions and Cravings
Eyesight psychical and spiritual
Healers guidance and support
Healing for both humans and animals
Retrieving lost pets
Space clearing
Spirit Release

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