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The name means the righteousness of god.

Zadkiel is the archangel of benevolence and mercy and oversaw stopping Abraham killing his son Isaac as an offering to god.

Zadkiel can help you feel mercy and compassion toward yourself and others, and assist you in letting go of judgement and none forgiveness.

In this way, he is a healing angel and works beside Archangel Michael to replace negative energy with faith and compassion.

Zadkiel is a keeper of the light and he can assist us in seeing the divine light within ourselves, he asks us to look deeper into our souls.

If you are having difficulty forgiving yourself or someone else ask Zadkiel to intervene. He will act like a chimney sweep who cleans your heart,body and mind  of none forgiveness.

It doesn’t mean to you have should sanction abusive behaviour and that means you are no longer wanting to cart around the energy attached to old situations.

If you wish to develop your memory call upon Zadkiel.

Zadkiel is a giver of light
Assists with Compassion
Finding love objects
Forgiveness of self and others
Healing emotionally and physically
Memory enhancement
Remembering important information
Studies, students and tests.

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Where the heart matters


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