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What is an earth angel?

An earth angel is a person who is reincarnated to assist in what is known as the age of aquarius. This is where the earth energy is shifting and creating turmoil, in order to help us awaken into values of love, unity and integrity.

If you can answer the following questions as a yes, you may be an earth angel.
1)  Did you have a difficult childhood ?
2)  Do you care to much about others and worry about today’s society ?
3)  Do you worry about what is happening to mother earth herself ?
4)  Are you sensitive to others feelings ?
5)  Do you sense spirit around you ?
6)  Do you have hot and cold feelings ?
7)  Do you feel the need to heal yourself ?
8)  Do you want to know your life purpose ?
9)  Have you ever suffered trauma or abuse ?
10)   Have you ever been put in a position where you feel you should be doing more to help others ?
11)  Have you felt different to others and sad in relation to the way others treat each other, whether that be lack of kindness or respect.

If you can answer several of these questions as yes, then you are an earth angel, otherwise known as a lightworker.

The role of a lightworker/earth angel is the following:

To help heal and spread the message of love and peace, you have psychic abilities and the ability to heal others.
We are what is known as being in the age of aquarius, this is where we are being called upon to lead the spiritual way of life.

Your role is very much to spread the message of healing and light and spread your teachings.
You assist others in listening to their heart and to treat each other with kindness and respect.

You also assist in teaching others how to listen to their intuition and the vibes you get.

Caroline who founder of Crystal Heart Psychics, is a spiritual person and her first gift is healing she has studied and conducted much of her work with the biomagnetic energy field and healing element, please read some our earlier blogs on spiritual transition and healing.

As an earth angel you will find you operate at a higher electrical frequency and due to this you will naturally attract people into your life who subconsciously know you can help them.

You will find others naturally gravitate to you and tell you their troubles. As that person may instinctively know they can draw from your strength and energy in their situation.

It is the purpose of any lightworker/ earth angel to ensure where others wish to be healed we can often help them on many levels.

Our purpose is to assist a person on their path, and where someone chooses to open up to a higher consciousness and their higher self my purpose and role is to help others do that.

Crystal Heart Psychics was set up for this very purpose hence why the heart matters, my soul purpose is to help others listen to their heart and intuition and to give guidance and clarity where it is needed.
This is the purpose of a lightworker and if you can answer any of the questions set out above you are indeed an earth angel and lightworker.

Author – Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics
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