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IdaTen is the Japanese god of law, truth purity and legal victory.

A protector of monasteries and has miraculous speed, as a mortal he was handsome and charming and was in tasked with protecting the buddhist monks and buddhism itself.

Ida-Ten as I sit here writing the words came to me “go in peace and light my friend”.
Ida-Ten helped guard against religious persecution and assist and avert the ridicule of spiritual beliefs, he is a protector and should be called up on to assist with the list shown below.

Ida-Ten was a very humble servant to his course and highly ethical where he considered lawsuits a form of sport to be challenged that can be seen like a game of chess.

Ida ten can help when coming out of meditation to seal your positive energy.

He assists with:
Protection against spiritual persecution
Protection of spiritual centre’s
Truth issues

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