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There are many books written with regards to attracting abundance and manifestation.
Such as the secret, Cosmic ordering for beginners, The cosmic ordering service.

There are three steps to manifesting:

1) The thought – think positive
2) Be certain about what you want and your needs, the old saying careful what you wish for
3) The action – this is the energy you put behind it, the passion you have about it
4) Truly believing in your own intuition and letting go, in order to allow yourself to receive from the universe.

Taking action whilst being hung up on the outcome can causes problems:

We want something to happen and we want it so bad we create an energy that gives off a stressful/desperate vibe, in that very essence we are pushing it away because we are wanting and there is a difference in the feeling of wanting and knowing we have something.

when we trust our intuition and gut feeling, we have an inner knowing that something is going to happen this is the key to manifesting successfully.

Its getting the balance right between wanting it sooooo bad and being relaxed enough to allow it to happen.

You want another job, so you sit and think about that new job, what it looks like, what it may feel like.

But you don’t apply for any jobs – so no jobs opportunities come up.

Thinking the thought and then applying yourself to make it happen with confidence yes this is going to work is the ultimate manifestation tool.

The universe brings us what we allow ourselves to receive and by changing our own energy to ensure we believe in what we are trying to achieve is the single most important thing we can do.

Lets talk about job interviews:

You go to a job and really want that job, you get nervous and stressed and due to this you don’t create the right persona in the interview. So you dont get the job.

This also works the other way with regards to overconfidence, you go to the interview and are certain you get that job, but you may have been overconfident and didn’t perform to the best of your abilities. Again no job.
Manifesting is looking for the balance, not overconfident, but not stressed either. 

This is where the thought and belief is so important. 
Its also allowing yourself to be in a relaxed enough to let things happen, whilst staying grounded and focused on what you want.
Always be grateful for what you receive.
Believe and you will receive.

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