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If there is one thing I (Caroline)  have learnt over the years working as a psychic and attracting abundance into my life and helping others, alot of the reason we sometimes don’t achieve what we want is because of potentially lack of confidence and self belief.

We can tend to create issues, from lack of trust, faith and hope. Everything comes right in the end, it is the fear that has been instilled in us which blocks us from moving forward.

We tend to make excuses as to why we haven’t achieved what we want, and then our get out clause is well it wasn’t meant to be.

Sometimes this is true, but in most instances the very person that is stopping us is ourselves.

In order to achieve what we want in life, we have to listen to our own inner knowingness of what is right or wrong.

As a psychic medium and a healer, part of my purpose is to assist others listening to their heart and intuition.

If for example and this has happened to me, you want to achieve something in life, certain friends and relatives will give advise based on their own needs and not the need of you the individual.

For example this could mean that you wish to take a dream job working abroad, friends may suggest that you are better staying in this country. For the simple reason fear of losing you.

A fine example in relation to my own personal circumstances, was studying to become an accountant, because of the time, energy and commitment it needed to study to pass my exams, there were time’s where I had to say “sorry I won’t be able to make tonight”.

In order to achieve success there is a formula, and I am afraid to say there is an element of hard work and commitment attached needed, and the ability to say no to others.

This doesn’t means saying no makes you selfish, it just means you have your path, and are fulfilling your purpose. In order to achieve surround yourself with positive people who are encouraging and supportive, go with your heart and your gut feeling.

In today’s modern society we have the means to keep in touch on lots of levels. We may not see your friends and family so much in the psychical but you are doing what you truly want.

If it doesn’t work out, well at least you have given yourself that opportunity and the permission to do what you want and at least you won’t have regrets.

Think of your future, do you want to look back and think to yourself “it is what is in your heart that truly counts”, a good psychic will always give advise based on the purest intention, and will provide a psychic/clairvoyant reading with their higher guidance and give you the opportunities that are around in you in your current situation.

I do agree some things are just meant to be, but as long as we show we have made a commitment to helping ourselves, we get greater guidance and support from the divine realm.

At Crystal Heart Psychics, most of our psychics have life coaching and counselling skills and are very good at helping you through situations that you need guidance on. Psychics are also good at giving you a psychic reading where the questions that may have been niggling at you for a while we can make suggestions how to help yourself.

Attracting abundance is learning to be positive and have an inner smile, or a that warm glow we all feel when we feel content, this gives you the energy to get on and do what you want in your life.

If we keep our emotions on the right path, then we have great reason to achieve the results we want and if you don’t succeed, always believe and never give up.

To be in our optimum health its both psychical and emotional well being that are important and by being like this, we will shift our bio magnetic energy field and attract more abundance into our lives.

Also just ask yourself what is abundance for your life, happy family, inner peace, security, stability, or just simply love, health, wealth and happiness.

In order to live an abundant life, we must truly know what’s in our heart, and that is where Crystal Heart Psychics, can help and guide you.

Love and Gratitude

Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics
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