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We have some really exciting news at Crystal Heart Psychics.

We have a new wellness shop with many stunning products to help you to aid in your relaxation and to assist you with your wellness journey.

Caroline our Founder is busy recording meditations for your every need to assist you to focus and relax.

Caroline also still does her UK US psychic tag team radio station with her good friend and co host Joanie Eisinger from Joanies White light healing.

Plus we also have our amazing readers online to take your call everyday.

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Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year from everyone at Crystal Heart Psychics for 2021.

Well what a year 2020 has been:

We have seen:
Australian Bush fires
Civil unrest
Global pandemic

2020 has certainly been a challenging year for all of us. We are currently living in testing times and we at Crystal Heart Psychics are there to help you with a friendly voice and a listening ear if you feel some of that uncertainty is overwhelming.

Many people have been a little reserved in wishing people a Happy New Year, but taking the positives from 2020, we have learned to adapt and change as a society and this has been good for us, work life balance for some not all has been restored.

Stronger relationships have been formed and other relationships have been put to the test, this enables us to decide who to keep in out lives with positive relationships and who to let go of in relation to negative relationship.

2021 seems to be bringing in a softer energy, it feels like an energy with a can do attitude and a more positive mental mindset. 2021 is feeling like a year of triumph for the UK and the rest of the world.

It feels that Jan – March 2021 will be transitional in the light that better things are to come.

June – August feel that we have greater freedom, but there will still be restrictions these will be less so than previously.

2021 will be about standing on our own two feet again.


Merry Christmas

Crystal Heart Psychics hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year!

2019 has been a year of transition and change, it has had it ups and downs. Anyone who has been following their spiritual path will know that from 2012, we have been in a huge transitional period.

2020 marks the start of a new decade, and 2020, so you could almost say 2020 vision, it is a year of clarity and ascension.

In 2020, Saturn and Pluto will be forming an alignment, this will create a huge burst of energy.

This alignment will set the tone for the year, and it will bring a major boost to your soul. The alignment will align our energies and this will assist in bring harmony to the earth.

2020 will also be a year of ascension and whilst we will be in transition we are being asked to connect to our conscious self.

So it is time to bring the light back into our life, to live in joy and gratitude, and let go of any lessons we have learned in 2019.

Thank you to all our clients during 2019 and we truly wish you a very happy new year !


Caroline founder of Crystal Heart Psychics Blog talk radio show

Our first radio show of 2018.

Join both Joanie and Caroline for their monthly live call in episode on, 16th January 2018. 8pm -10pm GMT or 3pm to 5pm EST.

Please feel free to call in or listen in.

You can access our show page at any point by simply clicking on the blog talk radio icon on the website, this also provides you will all the podcasts from previous shows.

We look forward to you joining us.


Crystal Heart Psychics x



Happy New Year 2018 and ways to positively think for 2018

Happy New Year from Crystal Heart Psychics.

New year is a time for new beginnings. New year is a time where we can evaluate what we have accomplished in the previous year and work out what we wish to achieve for the new year ahead, whether this be as a new years resolution or just a general promise to yourself to do better next time.

I would like to make a few suggestions to help you to live a happier more positive 2018.

1)Forgiveness and making peace with your past – By harbouring negative emotions for those that have hurt you in the past, in effect we are only harming ourselves by carrying these emotions around with us into the future. Acceptance of what has happened and letting go of the feelings of hurt and pain is putting us on a path of looking forward into 2018.

2)Be Grateful – when we are grateful to what we have in our lives, it is difficult to fill ourselves up with negative thinking. By practising gratitude it can help us create those really lovely serendipitous moments that come to us because we are feeling grateful and relaxed that we can consciously create our universe. It is good practice to keep a gratitude diary, where we can write a small list each day of what we are grateful for, that energy will carry you forward positively into the next day and the next day. Being grateful is like a chain reaction, people react to the way we are feeling and like attracts like. Therefore when we feel happy inside this shows externally and you will find people will react to you differently.

3)Trust yourself – When we believe in ourselves and have accepted ourselves as the person we are, then we become more secure in who we are as a person. Others will always try to give an opinion but what matters is really our own opinion. We only have control over the way we think, we cannot control what others think. We ensure we healthy boundaries and accepting sometimes you cant be everyone all of the time.

4)Time heals – Always remember time heals old wounds.

5)Be responsible for your own HAPPINESS – No one is responsible for happiness but you. Just by telling yourself today,I am happy with who I am and I generate my own happiness, “I AM ENOUGH” just by affirming this to yourself on a daily basis, can help with how you feel about yourself.

6)STOP THINKING Negative – We are great at worrying what if this happens and what if that happens. We can all think ourselves into a negative spiral.  For example we decide to do something we have never done before because it sounds fun, then we start to think ! Then we start to think the what if’s, on the negative side and by the time we have finished we have thought ourselves of doing what we wanted to do !

7)The trick is to catch the negative thought in its tracks and flip it with a positive thought instead.

8) SMILE – If you don’t feel like smiling just think of a time where you felt really happy, such as lying on a beach in the warm sun relaxing. This will help you smile ! Just by smiling you will feel better and it will encourage others to smile with you. ” Smile and the world smiles with you”.

9) Do not compare yourself to others – We are all unique individuals and as long as we are the best we can possibly be and we are happy in ourselves we do not need to compare ourselves to others. Everyone is on their own journey.


Lets bring in 2018, with a happier and more positive you.

Lots of Love


Crystal Heart Psychics xxx




Happy Easter from Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic readings where the heart matters

Easter is not just about giving each other Easter eggs, it is about the Christian holiday of renewal and new beginning.

Regardless of whether you are a Christian who celebrates this holiday, Easter signifies regeneration and renewal with its celebrations.

From a Christian point of view Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, and is always celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon of the Spring equinox.

The whole festival signifies renewal, regeneration and new beginnings. Once the spring equinox comes the clocks change, the weather becomes warmer, the flowers start showing and the trees start to blossom and life seems to be generally warmer.

This all provides us with a feel good factor, which makes us all generally feel better about life, we feel more energised wish to spring clean.

In relation to spring cleaning why not take the opportunity to spring clean your life along with your house !

Look forward to enjoying the summer and leaving the past behind you, look forward to renewing your energy and embrace clearing out of the past to enjoy your future to come in.

The lightness and brightness for you new life, give yourself permission to allow this energy to come to you, enjoy the moment and look forward to the summer months coming in.


Crystal Heart Psychics

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Psychic Readings and why are we called Crystal Heart Psychics | Where The Heart Matters

A crystal is pure and beautiful just like a heart, and whilst it is strong, it is also fragile, and can be broken into pieces just like a heart. Our logo represent a diamond heart which represents strength and purity.

At Crystal Heart Psychics we are passionate about authentic caring ethical professional psychic readings. We are here to guide and help you come to terms with situations that are occurring in your life now, along with your past, present and future, so we can help settle your mind.

By providing you with a greater understanding of your situation, it helps you let go, we can tell you the opportunities that are going to come your way in the future but we always say you have free choice and free will.

With our support and guidance we can assist you through most situations and it is why our team of psychic combine their psychic skills with both counselling and coaching. Most of our team at Crystal Heart Psychics have coaching and counselling experience and qualifications, alongside their amazing spiritual gifts.

We are here to help all on any level, we can provide you with the opportunities coming into your path and give you a general reading or if necessary we have the skills at Crystal Heart psychics to assist you in a recovery of a situation.

At Crystal Heart Psychics Caroline the founder of Crystal Heart Psychics sets the intention that we provide psychic readings for the highest good of the people both Caroline and her team of Psychics read for.

Everything has a heart and we help you with your heart no matter what your situation.
All of our readers, are professional, caring psychics, where we can truly help you get the the heart of the matter.

Author – Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics
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Where the heart matters


Professional Caring and Ethical psychic readings what does it mean ? Crystal Heart Psychics – Psychic Readings Where the Heart matters

Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics is passionate about delivering quality authentic psychic readings, and speaks for all of her readers.

What does an ethical psychic reading mean ?

Whilst psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only, the quality of our readings do have an impact on the people we read for.

Caroline is a psychic medium and has been doing psychic readings professionally for 10 years and always provides psychic readings with the highest intention for the greater good of the client.

A psychic is not meant to be there to scare people, just simply pass on messages that we receive from spirit in a humble and non judgemental manner.

Over the years, Caroline has completed many readings and always sees it as a divine purpose to uplift and inspire, to provide authentic readings.

Caroline’s job as a psychic is to deliver an authentic psychic reading with the guidance she receive’s from her guides, but the main thing is to help a person listen to their own intuition and heart, and the assistance of the guidance as clarification.

This only differs sometimes when a person is in quite a vulnerable position and has lost trust in their own ability to listen to their heart, perhaps due to a betrayal that had occurred in the past.

A similar situation happened to Caroline a long time ago, and due to this Caroline has empathy and knowledge to know how it feels. Ask any psychic have they had an easy life, invariably they have been through many different life circumstances, which they have learnt from. Going through these experiences gives us greater understanding and empathy.

As a psychic Caroline is also a life coach and knows the way something is said is important. Everything given to you should be put forward in a positive manner and a psychic reading you should walk away feeling inspired and with clarity that you are doing the right thing.

So an authentic quality psychic reading, we pass the messages we receive from spirit in a caring and compassionate manner, we always remind my clients we do have quite a lot of freewill and therefore if a clients chooses to change their mind then a different path is taken.

Personally Caroline provides clients with the opportunities that is coming towards them. If there are some emotional past issues there, where necessary. With those in a reading, but unless I am guided I never over air on the past too much, it is gone and we should be looking forward as I always try to look forward for a client in a positive way.

Both Caroline and the psychics that work for Crystal Heart Psychics are passionate in giving you a positive authentic psychic reading when calling Crystal Heart Psychics.

Crystal Heart Psychics
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Happy Valentine’s day from Crystal Heart Psychics| Psychic readings | Where the heart matters

The origins of Valentine’s day are still quite mysterious and there is a question of how did Valentine’s day arise ?

The day originally was a day to celebrate Saint Valentinus who performed weddings for soldiers in secret. At the time the Roman Empire prohibited young men from being married, as it was believed batchelor’s made better soldier’s.

It was believed he was imprisoned for completing these ceremonies and for ministering for Christian’s. Whilst he was imprisoned and before his execution he wrote a letter to the jailer’s daughter who he had fallen in love with signed ‘from your valentine’.

Valentine’s day was not associated with Romantic love through the centuries and by the 1700’s it started to resemble what we know as Valentine’s day today.

The celebration of Valentine’s day took off in the 18th century, from lovers exchanging gifts, and hand made cards and notes, to show a token of love to each other.

Cards later became mass produced in 1850, in the United States, which changed the celebration of Valentine’s day enormously.

As part of a loving relationship the giving and receiving of gifts should be part of the normal course of the relationship and showing love. Whilst it is nice to celebrate valentines day, with cards and small gifts. Showing appreciation to your partner on a regular basis is a good basis for a healthy relationship.

If you are single on Valentine’s day.

There is nothing stopping you from treating yourself. Valentine’s day is about the receiving of tokens to show love and appreciation.

There is nothing stopping you from treating yourself.

Don’t lose heart, at Crystal Heart Psychics we are there to advise and guide and just because there isn’t that someone special on Valentine’s day, it doesn’t mean there wont be in the future.

Crystal Heart Psychics
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Caroline Founder of Crystal Heart Psychics Psychic reading review Feb 2016 | Soul & Spirit Magazine

Caroline founder of Crystal Heart Psychic was featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine in February 2016.

The reading was reviewed as below:

“I wasn’t looking for any answers in particular as I’ve never had a psychic reading before. I was worried about receiving bad news, but Caroline told me beforehand that she only focused on the positives, which was reassuring to know.

Caroline said she could sense I’m a very positive person and that I can be very persuasive in getting what I want. I am also coming into a very flirty period in my life, which should be fun.

Reviewed by Janice Ainsley (Soul & Spirit Magazine)