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Guardian Angels are Spiritual beings that are allocated to each person to be passive guides and offer protection and help us throughout our lives as humans. 

Each human person has up to four Guardian Angels that are always with you; often just above you shoulders. They may ask other Spiritual Beings to help you and generally guide and connect you to resources at a Spiritual Level and your higher self (your own spiritual being/soul).

Each of your Guardian Angels has a specific purpose. They can help you with a particular area of your life. One will help you with your physical body, another with obtaining material requirements, others with Spiritual development and your safety.
They can help and often summon additional Spiritual Beings to help or heal you when you ask or are in need. They are to be celebrated and we should give praise for their presence and be grateful for their assistance and love.

Guardian Angels have never been souls of people. They are a separate entity, created to support us in our human form. 

They are our Guardians on Earth to be a link from our material world existences as humans and the spirit world.

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Protective angels | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings | Where the Heart matters

Protective Angels are often Archangels, from the spirit world; one Archangel will be the protector for millions of people. Archangels are the highest-order of angels in heaven. 

God gives them the most important responsibilities, and they do their work both in the heavenly dimension and in the earthly one. They act as a last Protector coming to your aid maybe to prevent you from being killed before your time. 
Often people mistake their guardian angels for their Protective Angel. 

Some of the more well know Archangels include:
Michael ~ Raphael ~ Gabriel ~ Ariel ~ Azrael ~ Chamuel ~ Haniel ~ Jeremiel ~ Jophiel ~ Metatron ~ Raguel ~ Raziel ~ Sandalphon ~ Uriel ~ Zadkiel

You can read more about the individual Archangels by following the ‘Angels and Ascended Masters’ link at the top of the Crystal Hearts Psychics  Blog page.

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Amen bey | Ascended master | Crystal Hearts | Psychic Readings Where the Heart Matters

Amen Bey was a priest of the sacred fire on Atlantis and served as a pharaoh for many embodiments; along with bringing the culture of the ascended masters to the land of Egypt.

He serves with Serapis in the Temple of Luxor; he also gives classes at the Royal Teton Retreat on cosmic law, and the preparation for the ascension. When we call upon him, he will direct needle like rays into every cell and atom of our four lower bodies for balancing and healing.

Twin Flame/Ray:  Clara Louise
Devine Quality:  Balance and Healing
Divine Ray:  Deep Blue
Retreat: Temple of Luxor, Royal Teton

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Ascended Master’s what are they ? | Crystal heart psychics | Psychic readings Where the Heart Matters

An ascended master is a great healer, teacher or prophet, that has lived on the earth plane and are now in spirit, helping and guiding us from beyond.

Ascended masters come from all cultures, religions, and civilisations, both ancient and modern.
They include legendary figures such as Jesus, Moses and Buddha, Saints, Goddesses and gods, deva’s and deities.

Ascended masters come to us, comfort us and protect us when we need.

No spirit guide, ascended master or angel will interfere in your life lessons they can give you moments to catch your breath, take stock and regroup and send you forward with a level of clarity in how to proceed.

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Signs from Angels | Crystal Heart psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

Angels guide us all the way through our life’s, not everyone will be able to see them but we get signs, emotions and feelings also guide us.

Angels are there for us no matter what we do or how we feel in ourselves or where we are in our life’s path.

There is one thing I (Caroline Crystal Heart Psychics) can safely say in your time of need angels are always there to provide positive supportive energy, love, encouragement and emotional support. Which is what we provide at Crystal Heart Psychics.

As a psychic and medium and healer there have been many occasions in my life where I have faced difficult decisions or life choices, or just had some negative circumstances surrounding me.

Its part of our learning and life path. When going through these times, I have asked with gratitude for signs that could lead me down the right path.

An example of this when my dear and beloved horse passed several years ago now, the gentle soul who came into my life as I was facing marital difficulties. The day he passed I was speaking with a friend just after it had happened. At that very moment when upset about it, between the two of us two feather came down and landed between the both of us. My friend had also recently lost her horse and we were discussing that it was lovely I could still see my horse in spirit after he had parted from this world.

Signs from angels can be feathers,pennies, rainbows or just simply feeling great, seeing the beauty in our natural surroundings.

Angels don’t have to be an energetic being, it can simply be a total stranger standing next to you who simply feels compelled to say the words that mean so much.

Through my own personal difficulties and decisions and choices that needed to be made there were signs that showed me the right path all throughout the decision making process. In my circumstances this was a difficult relationship ending and whilst I at the time wanted to relationship to continue, things would happen that would show me the direction I thought I wanted to go in.

For my path this was not the right direction and therefore I was in a place where unanswered questions were being revealed. Those unanswered unanswered questions showed me the right path to follow and my heart, that was the path of discovery to unlocking what I already knew in my soul of being a spiritual healer, psychic and medium.

I later discovered my gift was 4 generations deep in my family, even though this had never been communicated to me due to family beliefs.

When my circumstance got terribly difficult I used to feel at night someone hugging me or stroking the top of my head. This gave me encouragement to keep going and also I felt overwhelmed at the comfort and love this gave me.
All of a sudden new people came into my life who had more of a spiritual nature to guide me in the knowledge I have today.

This is how psychics work and our role is to help others with the purest intention and the greater good of that person.

Angels are always there watching over us and whatever is happening to you right now they are there to help and sometimes our angels can appear in a human or an animal that comes in our path to help us on our life’s journey.

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Archangel gabriel | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings| Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

Gabriel’s name is god is my strength.

From Christmas through to the New Year there is a celebration of Christ, and Gabriel is the famous angel who told Elizabeth and Mary of the birth of their impending sons.

Later to be known as John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth.

The Archangel Gabriel also dictated the spiritual text of Islam, the Koran to Mohammed.

Due to this Gabriel became known as the messenger angel, her work still continues assisting future parents when adopting or conceiving children.

Gabriel gives strength and courage with also a very calm and peaceful imagery.

The second role of Gabriel is to help anyone whose life purpose involves art or communication.
Gabriel will open doors to help you express your talent in a big way.

The archangel acts as a coach inspiring others to follow their dreams and overcome fear and procrastination.

When we are motivated and focused, we gain a positive energy and this carries us forward into positive change and new beginnings, we are also happier as we have a purpose.

Those who call upon the archangel will find themselves motivated and pushed into action which will lead to beneficial future results.

Helps with:
1)  Parenting
2)  Creative projects in the arts
3)  Fertility
4)  Journalism & writing
5)  Television and radio work

To invoke Archangel Gabriel

“Archangel Gabriel I ask for your presence to help me with (describe where you want help), please open the channels so that I may be inspired and supported to fulfil those dreams and ambitions. Please help me sustain the energy and motivation and passion to live my dream of (say what you want to happen).

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Ascended Master| Ishtar | Crystal Heart Psychic Readings | Psychic Readings Where the heart matters

Ishtar was the goddess of love, fertility, war and sexuality.

Ishtar is a mother and warrior goddess with multiple unique traits ranging from gentleness to motherly protection, Ishtar is also invoked for healing physical pain.

She is associated with Venus and some even believe her to be the embodiment of the planet herself.

As writing this I am feeling a loving warm motherly energy around me, with peace and strength. Her message is spread love, and for the female population we are in the age of the divine feminine energy which means do not be afraid to show who we are, celebrate our femininity. Have respect for who you and your inner beauty and sensuality.

Ishtar is a giver of light and she is also a guardian of children.

Ishtar assists in the following
Child conception and parenting
Love Relationships and Marriage
Protection against lower energies
Prevention of war and resolution

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Ascended master | Ida Ten | Crystal Heart Psychic Readings | Psychic Readings | where The Heart Matters

IdaTen is the Japanese god of law, truth purity and legal victory.

A protector of monasteries and has miraculous speed, as a mortal he was handsome and charming and was in tasked with protecting the buddhist monks and buddhism itself.

Ida-Ten as I sit here writing the words came to me “go in peace and light my friend”.
Ida-Ten helped guard against religious persecution and assist and avert the ridicule of spiritual beliefs, he is a protector and should be called up on to assist with the list shown below.

Ida-Ten was a very humble servant to his course and highly ethical where he considered lawsuits a form of sport to be challenged that can be seen like a game of chess.

Ida ten can help when coming out of meditation to seal your positive energy.

He assists with:
Protection against spiritual persecution
Protection of spiritual centre’s
Truth issues

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Unicorn Healing energy |Crystal Hearts Psychic Readings Where the Heart Matters

Working with Unicorn energy

Unicorns have a fine and majestic energy and are powerful healers in their own right.
Unicorns are seen as light beings and most horses that come onto the earth plane are also light workers in their own right.

Animals teach unconditional and pure love, this is also what Unicorns teach.
The earth energy is opening up and to help us in our quest lighten up so to speak we are being given Unicorn energy to work with.

Unicorns come in to tell us to have faith, whenever you have fear or doubt in your mind ask the Unicorns to help.

Unicorns are powerful healers, and this is why as human’s we are drawn to horses as horses have a strong but gentle energy and offer warmth and love.

Caroline founder of crystal heart psychics is a firm believer, no human or animal is difficult when they are born, as we are all born a blank canvas it is how we are treated in our life’s that make us who we are.

The Unicorn brings as a guide great healing powers, with strength and softness. Unicorns are always depicted as magical beings that shine a light on our path.

Unicorns are known to unlock your healing potential, it may explain why Caroline’s horse taught her alot of her spiritual work and growth and development due to having to help her horse heal from a keratoma (tumour in hoof) many years ago.

The Unicorn will guide you in deeply connecting with others and give powerful guidance to live in love and peace, and freedom.

If you think of the symbol of a horse, it depicts strength, power in a subtle and majestic way.
This is exactly what a Unicorn depicts and when channelling Unicorn energy it is one of pure love.

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Are you an earth angel | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

What is an earth angel?

An earth angel is a person who is reincarnated to assist in what is known as the age of aquarius. This is where the earth energy is shifting and creating turmoil, in order to help us awaken into values of love, unity and integrity.

If you can answer the following questions as a yes, you may be an earth angel.
1)  Did you have a difficult childhood ?
2)  Do you care to much about others and worry about today’s society ?
3)  Do you worry about what is happening to mother earth herself ?
4)  Are you sensitive to others feelings ?
5)  Do you sense spirit around you ?
6)  Do you have hot and cold feelings ?
7)  Do you feel the need to heal yourself ?
8)  Do you want to know your life purpose ?
9)  Have you ever suffered trauma or abuse ?
10)   Have you ever been put in a position where you feel you should be doing more to help others ?
11)  Have you felt different to others and sad in relation to the way others treat each other, whether that be lack of kindness or respect.

If you can answer several of these questions as yes, then you are an earth angel, otherwise known as a lightworker.

The role of a lightworker/earth angel is the following:

To help heal and spread the message of love and peace, you have psychic abilities and the ability to heal others.
We are what is known as being in the age of aquarius, this is where we are being called upon to lead the spiritual way of life.

Your role is very much to spread the message of healing and light and spread your teachings.
You assist others in listening to their heart and to treat each other with kindness and respect.

You also assist in teaching others how to listen to their intuition and the vibes you get.

Caroline who founder of Crystal Heart Psychics, is a spiritual person and her first gift is healing she has studied and conducted much of her work with the biomagnetic energy field and healing element, please read some our earlier blogs on spiritual transition and healing.

As an earth angel you will find you operate at a higher electrical frequency and due to this you will naturally attract people into your life who subconsciously know you can help them.

You will find others naturally gravitate to you and tell you their troubles. As that person may instinctively know they can draw from your strength and energy in their situation.

It is the purpose of any lightworker/ earth angel to ensure where others wish to be healed we can often help them on many levels.

Our purpose is to assist a person on their path, and where someone chooses to open up to a higher consciousness and their higher self my purpose and role is to help others do that.

Crystal Heart Psychics was set up for this very purpose hence why the heart matters, my soul purpose is to help others listen to their heart and intuition and to give guidance and clarity where it is needed.
This is the purpose of a lightworker and if you can answer any of the questions set out above you are indeed an earth angel and lightworker.

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