Fate and Destiny

Do you believe in fate/destiny?

At Crystal Heart Psychics we definitely believe in fate and destiny, we also believe if free will.

For me personally (Caroline) founder of Crystal Heart Psychics a Psychic reading should never disempower a person. Our jobs as healers and psychics is to give guidance to provide you with the best possible outcome for your life.

I am what is known as a high level psychic which means I am able to spot several paths that you may take and some of this involves healing. So often I will perform a healing and then go into providing you with a psychic reading where there is always options and choices.

Fate is, where we believe things are meant to happen and my belief set is some things are but not all, such as meeting a partner this could be predetermined in the sense we have a soul contract with that person. So when we meet we feel this amazing connection which we cannot explain. Sometimes when this happens there may be a lesson to be learnt from that but in every instance I will say trust you gut instinct.

Destiny is something I believe we all have, we were born and before we came here we had a life plan. I often refer to we have choices throughout our lives and at times we may end up going down a cul de sac so we can learn from this. But we are always put on the right track, and often this will be our intuition that pushes us to do things we never dreamt we would do. Often you hear this when others talk about what they feel their destiny is.

Freewill, as a psychic I always advise clients our job is not to interfere with free will, we can guide meaning we can assist you in understanding what your path is but for any psychic they will advise you if we do interfere with someone’s free will we will incur karma and therefore as a rule of thumb we can offer you the choices we see from the guidance we recieve and we can assist you in making you mind up of what path you should take.


Coping with Loss

The Hardest thing to do sometimes is say goodbye.

Coping with loss of someone you love is both traumatic and stressful and coping with loss can be extremely difficult. Sometimes we have had chance to prepare for this, other times we haven’t.

Grief can leave us feeling very alone and often feeling we have no one to talk to about it.

There are recognised stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining Sadness, acceptance and they can come in any order. As the process of grieving is a different experience for all.

Grief also comes in waves one day you think you are ok and the next you dont feel so ok.

Crystal Heart Psychics are here to help you with that.

All of our psychics have empathy and are incredibly sensitive to your circumstances. They will do their best to ensure you leave your phone call feeling uplifted and where they can will try to offer some sense of acceptance to what has happened so you can begin to accept what has happened in your own time.

When the time is right talk to one of our psychic mediums who have incredible empathy and will do everything they can to connect with your loved one so you can receive messages. Often this can be very comforting for you in your time of grief.

Love ❤️ Crystal Heart Psychics


Soul & Spirit Magazine August 17 Psychic reading review with Caroline Founder of Crystal Heart Psychics

Check out this months My Psychic reading in Soul & Spirit Magazine.Caroline Founder of Crystal Heart Psychics.

Soul&Spirit magazine link

Caroline founder of Crystal Heart Psychics gave a reading to Jackie Wedell of Soul & Spirit magazine, the write up was lovely.

“My reading with Caroline Dixon was my very first experience of a telephone reading, so I did not have any expectations.”

“Caroline was absolutely lovely and really easy to speak to, she picked up that I was already content with my life and that I did not have any big questions to ask. However her guides did want her to speak to me about moving house and my career as both have been on my mind for the last few months.”

“Caroline was spot on about my feelings towards wanting to move house, I love where I live now and finally have it all as I want it, however I was seriously thinking about moving so I enjoy the benefits of having a garden and I have been torn.”

“With regards to my career, she gave me some brilliant advice with a different point of view to consider moving forward. She was also aware of my thoughts of taking up something completely new and and doing something different that I would thoroughly enjoy, ad the only thing putting me off was the unknown and whether this career would pay
the bills!”

“Caroline ended the reading with a message from spirit – one that I have been waiting for over 19 years to receive, and I came away feeling comforted, reassured and with a better understanding of my past present and possibly my future.”

“I would definitely recommend Caroline and have already had her friends asking for her number!”


Using our intuition | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic readings where the heart matters

At Crystal Heart Psychics our team of psychic readers actively encourage our clients to listen to their own intuition and heart.

The reason why we do this is whilst a psychic receives information for your future and is able to provide spiritual guidance around certain situation’s, we can also offer clarification with regards to your own intuition. Also you as a client have freewill, and as a psychic we can only advise and guide with the messages we receive to assist you in making your own choices.

A psychic reading can provide deeper clarification of the situation around you and provide you with the spiritual insight to help you through certain situations that you may be facing right now.

At Crystal Heart Psychics we provide psychic readings in the comfort of your own home via the telephone, and offer support based on the spiritual guidance we receive to enable you to feel more at ease, and better placed to deal with the situation that is causing you some concern. This could be around a current love relationship, a past love relationship, or simply at a crossroads, where you need to make that crucial choice, is that all important job going to come through? Where is your career path headed?

We also look into your past, as this is sometimes where the seed is planted and we can help you overcome blocks that may have been created from past life experience, and we can help you understand the root cause of where things don’t seem to be moving forward.

By helping you relax, we can tune in and provide the appropriate guidance to help you get back on track. We can help you think differently and more positively, assisting you in listening to and trusting your own gut instincts. Often the solutions to your problems lie within you. Our team at Crystal Heart Psychics help you understand this. 
Intuition is different for everyone, it is an inner knowing. It could be a gut feeling, a hunch or simply a thought.

All psychics do work differently but our vision and mission at Crystal Heart psychics is to provide professional and caring psychic readings in an understanding and empathetic manner. A place where your heart truly matters.

Helping you create a brighter future for yourself.

Crystal Heart Psychics
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The Tools of a psychic | Crystal Heart Psychic readings Where the heart matters

The word psychic is simply a description of skills where a person can connect into the spiritual world and offer guidance and advise based on their connection.

Psychics have different abilities and regardless of the tools that are used, Psychics have the ability to tune into their higher guidance and receive the messages, feelings and pictures to channel from their guides (spirit guides).

Why do psychics use tools.

Tools are used as it helps a psychic connect into your current situation and into their higher guidance.

We all have an energy field (Bio Magnetic energy field), this is usually known as the aura, when a psychic provides a psychic reading for a person, they are linking into to that person’s energy.

Some psychics channel direct guidance from spirit and these are known as mediums.
Psychics link in to enable them to answer your questions.
Psychics pass this guidance to you are client to assist you in your questions.

The different psychic tools.
Tarot cards, each card has an energy, with the symbols and the pictures used, by shuffling the cards and drawing on them as a psychic links into your energy field, and their guides we are given the situation around you.

Angel cards – These work in a similar way to tarot cards, again it is about the energy you are giving us to work with, the angel cards are used to bring higher guidance into any scenario.

Dowsing – Dowsing is done by using a pendulum or dowsing rods, again a psychic will connect into their own higher guidance, and link in through the unconscious mind. The pendulum for each individual person will move in different directions.

Example for myself Caroline the dowser moves left for no, right for yes and back and forth for don’t know. I connect to my higher guidance and ask the questions the individual wishes to ask. The pendulum again connects into the energy field of the subconscious mind.

Crystal ball – This is used to look into and pictures form in the ball, so the psychic can see and pass messages on. It is used as a reflection for psychic to look into and link in.

It is why at Crystal Heart Psychics we also recommend relaxation and meditation as, by learning to switch off your inner talk, you can listen to your gut instinct and feelings.

It always helps to talk and seek clarification you are on the right path and it is what we are here to  to do at Crystal Heart Psychics.

Author Caroline
Crystal Heart Psychics
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Psychic Reader, Psychic coach, Psychic Consultant | What does psychic mean? | Crystal Heart’s Psychic Readings Where the Heart matters

What is psychic ?

Anyone who is a practising psychic would say the job of a psychic is to help, guide and heal where necessary and with love and support.

We utilise our genre of skills to pass on the information we receive to assist you in making the right life choices and set you on your path.

So while the word psychic is often used it is a global name for a person with a skillset of spiritual gifts and abilities.

These gifts are explained below below:

Clairaudient – Hearing
 We hear messages from spirit, some would call it channelling. We listen to this guidance and pass the messages on. This could be from guides or departed loved ones. A person who receives messages like this can also be known as a medium.

Clairvoyant –  Seeing
This is the psychic ability to see, we see pictures in our head, visions are received, sometimes they are representation of a situation and sometimes they are the situation.

Clairsentient – Feeling
This is the psychic ability to feel other people’s feelings, whether that be emotional or physical. We use this when healing as we will pick up on any issues that a person needs to address on an emotional or physical level.

Claircognizance – Inner knowing
This is the psychic ability of inner knowingness a highly developed intuition.

Clairgustance – Taste
This is the psychic ability to taste without physically putting anything in your mouth.

Clairalience – Smell
This is the psychic ability to smell, where there is nothing physical in the room that represents that smell.
Other psychic terminology

Empath – An empath is someone who can feel your feelings and in-line with clairsentient.

Healer – Most healer’s have hot or cold hands, in a healing session we can read a person’s aura by seeing colour’s of the aura around the person.

Our team at Crystal Heart Psychics have many psychic readers online, waiting to take your telephone psychic reading today.

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The skills of a psychic medium | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

Psychic Mediums are there to pass on messages from spirit guides or loved ones passed over where they can offer insight and give guidance with regards to your future. An inhabitant of the Spirit World can, to a degree, predict future events, offer warning signs and offer guidance for your situation. However the spiritual way is that a psychic or medium cannot interfere with a persons freewill.

The guidance we get is based on the circumstances that matter currently in your life. This is done by reasoning based observation of past and present conditions and events, and is more accurate than the same process used by humans, because the spirit is not hampered by a physical body nor by ideas of convention that go with the limitations of the human body.

When a spirit sends messages through the mind of the medium, this can be received in an number of ways, such as:
Clairvoyance –  Seeing pictures
Clairaudience –  Hearing spirit guides or loved ones passed over
Clairsentience – Sensing spirits and feelings

Messages received from recognisable personalities, from relatives or friends in the spirit world show that death does not significantly change a person. Interests, knowledge, affections held before death, these memories of our existence carry over into the next existence.

Explained this is like de ja vous inner knowingness I have been here before, or you simply feel you know someone from a previous past life connection.

For example Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics was born as an intuitive empath and healer and even though discovered her abilities later on in life, when on her spiritual learning path knew things from before.
 Information gained during these years of communication has consistently confirmed that spirit guides are there to assist and guide, influencing our thoughts and actions so we stay on our life path.

Author – David – Crystal Heart Psychics

Psychic readings, Psychic coaching and Psychic counselling
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Telephone Psychic Readings with Spiritual life coaching & healing | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart matters

Our team at Crystal Heart Psychics, offer psychic readings coupled with coaching and psychic guidance.

For us we provide psychic readings and spiritual life coaching where we will help you heal so you can move forward in your life.

When we have been through life difficulties, it can leave a few emotional scars at Crystal Heart Psychics, we believe that by having faith in yourself and having self belief, self worth and self respect, and confidence and have trust and faith in who we are as people we a limitless.

It’s natural sometimes to have worry or doubt about situations in your life and that is why Crystal Heart Psychics is there for you every step of the way. To offer encouragement, guidance and support with any difficult life circumstances that you have to face. Listening to our heart and intuition and emotional wellbeing is key to leading a healthy and balanced life.

Life events can change our view on the way we see things and leave some negative emotions behind, which could cause anxiety. With our psychic abilities and spiritual life guidance we can offer encouragement and support through difficult times.

A psychic reading also helps us to know what is going on around us.

A telephone psychic reading works in exactly the same way as a face to face reading, the psychic medium/clairvoyant will tune in by linking in and channelling through their guides.

Caroline – Crystal Heart Psychics
Psychic readings, Psychic coaching, Psychic counselling
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Spring equinox | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

The spring equinox also known as the vernal equinox is the time in the earth’s cycle where day and night are equal in length.

Life seems brighter. Nature wakes up, some animals come out of hibernation, bees start to fly again, flower start to show their first signs of blossom, lambs start to be born.

It is a time where we wake up the brighter weather and longer days provides a shift in our energy where we feel more energised and positive, we have more energy are generally happier and brighter.

Spring signifies new life and new beginnings, its time to look forward, the earths energy shift and we shift with it, looking forward to the potential better weather, spring is a time for clearing out and allow ourselves to embrace the new season coming in.

Crystal Heart Psychics
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Cross my palm with silver | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where the heart matters

Cross my palm with silver?

It is an old cliché, but it is something psychics have said for many years with good reason.

Whilst there may be people out there prepared to provide psychic readings for free, this is partly because these are psychics who wish to test their own skills of abilities on clients.

When a person seeks spiritual guidance and advise, there should be acknowledgement of the service provided and for the time spent providing that psychic reading ?

If you were to attend the temple in ancient times and speak with a healer, it would be expected to bring the elder/healer gifts to ensure they can survive in order to offer you the service.

There are a number of reasons it is in your interest to pay for psychic readings.

1.  Quality

In many cases you may know what you are getting from a free reading, but all too often you have no idea who conducting it or what their skill level is, what their ethics are or their motivation for offering free readings. A reader working on their own professionally or for a reputable company will work to ethical guidelines and within the law. Would you take any other free service from an unknown individual that you are not able to check references, feedback etc. on? Imagine free dentistry but you have no idea the ethics or qualifications of the person offering it. Would you take it?

2.  Respect

The reader is a human being like you, we offer a service that we know can help and guide you. We are charging for our time and guidance and healing where there is healing provided. Just look to the medical profession they will charge for their service provided.

3.  Balance

The energies of the universe are finely tuned. If someone takes from us then balance is returned by what they give. This can be achieved through payment.

4.  Investment

A reading, a good one is an investment in you, an investment in your future. Freud argued that payment was part of the psychotherapy and this goes for readings. If you have paid then you will take it seriously. You will only have a reading because you really need it or want it. It will on this basis, be better valued by you.

5.  Longevity

If you pay fair and square, you will never be indebted to the reader; you have a professional ethical relationship. You can return for further readings without embarrassment.

Finally a word on not getting ripped off and ‘ entertainment only’

The law in the UK puts readings into the category of entertainment and readings must be offered to you on this basis (often found in the small print). You are more likely to see these disclaimers on paid for reading services; they are a legal requirement.

It is most important to say although cheapest is often not best , there should be no need to pay extortionate sums for psychic or spiritual services . Do a little research on the going rates for the service you are looking for. If a service provider is asking for a lot more than this then ask yourself what it is they are offering you above and beyond other providers. This applies to most professions not just psychics.

Going for a well known (or personally recommended) , ethical and reputable service should mean that you get what you have paid for and there will be redress if you do not .

Enjoy your reading – it is yours

Crystal Heart Psychics

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