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What is clairsentient ??

Clairsentient is feeling: The majority of healers are clairsentient, we tend to feel other peoples feelings.

The reason for this, is to be able to diagnose a person on an energetic level.
For myself personally (Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics) even though born with my healing gift, my awakening (see previous blogs) started when I used to walk into my horse’s stable when he was sick after a keratoma operation, a rare malignant tumour, my hands would get hot. I later found out that this was known as healing hands.

In the years of me practising healing (reiki/seichem) and practising my knowledge, I have come across many an opinion, but for me this was a difficult transition to come to terms with, hence why I went and studied the various different courses such as life coaching/reiki seichem/ hypnotherapy/ past life regression. Since then I have gone on to read cognitive behaviour therapy and person centred counselling, inline with science and spiritual.

The best book I read was a book called the healing hands of light by an author who was previously a nasa scientist, it explained a lot to me. Also the bible talks of healing hands. An art which has been around for millennia.

Clairsentient, means that you are sensitive to others feelings, and this also helps when working with a client whether that be by providing a psychic telephone reading or a psychic reading face to face or treating a person with hypnosis or reiki/seichem.

I learnt over the years when I saw clients, that I could pick up what a person was feeling and with that, by using both what I knew on a psychological level and also what I knew on an energetic level, could help that person.

We have all had problems in the past, and sometimes this can impact our future, if we don’t let go of things that have happened to us. However life has ups and downs and there are lessons to be taken from each particular instance. It is the ability to bounce and see a future that is the most helpful healing tool of all.

By healing from the past, we can move forward into a more positive light. A healer can help with that, and by being sensitive to others emotions, it makes us more empathetic to what a person is feeling.

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