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A clairvoyant means clear sight and we can see if anything is going to happen in their third eye.
How does it work, I hear you say, clairvoyants normally have a vision that comes into their third eye.
I have been giving readings for a number of years now professionally, and it always gives me great joy from the feedback I receive.
All psychics are different and I cannot speak for all, but for me personally (Caroline) when I am talking to someone and providing them with a reading, I get a vision in my head.

It is like a picture and the only thing I can explain it to is when you are reading a book and you imagine a picture of what it should look like.
This for me is clairvoyance.

With all psychics, a lot of people think we are switched on all the time, this is simply not the case, we do have to be in a different head space when working, be relaxed to connect.

With regards to the third eye, see my articles on the pineal gland.

Author – Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics
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Author: Crystal Heart Psychics

Crystal Heart Psychics is an online telephone psychic reading service. All of our psychic readers are intuitive, caring and professional in their approach to assisting you on your life path.

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