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When a person first discovers their psychic abilities this does bring alot of questions to mind.
One of the biggest questions is how do I connect more with my guides? This is a process of evolution and our guides come to us when we are ready. However we can develop a greater connection by meditation.
‘How do I meditate’
Meditation is a higher form of relaxation, where we learn to let go.
It is where we allow our conscious thoughts to take a back seat and allow our subconscious mind to flow through.
This can take practice and meditation is a way of training our mind to stop thinking, helping us to relax and connect in to a higher consciousness (higher self) so we can become more tuned in to our higher connection.
The best place to describe meditation or perhaps you could even call it a hypnotic state is the place just before we go to sleep, where we empty our minds of all the thoughts going round in our head and are in a total state no thoughts at all.’s
This does take time and is a bit like brain training, as when we lead such busy life’s it can be difficult to learn to switch off. To aid this we can listen to guided meditations which help up go into that deep state of relaxation where we let go of all that is around us the thoughts and troubles and concerns of the day.
‘How to make time to meditate’
In today’s busy society, we all think we haven’t got time. However 10 minutes before we wake up in the morning or 10 minutes just before we go to sleep can be the best time.
By meditating before we go to sleep, you will feel far more awake in the morning, as from learning to turn your brain off and stop thinking you will gain a better nights sleep. By having the right amount of sleep this in turn will help you relax more and not get so worried about things.
Meditation is brain training, and by learning to relax we find ourselves far more connected and in flow, you will find it easier to connect with your higher self and  your own inner guidance.
Over times our spirit guides come to us naturally and in many forms, for Caroline (founder of Crystal Heart Psychics) this was through pictures I received in my head, feelings given to me and names in thought forms at the same time as the picture.
After working professionally as a psychic medium, life coach and healer for many years, Caroline learnt when you connect into your higher self, and inner wisdom you are connected more frequently, and by training your mind you can also control when you choose to connect to your spirit guides.
One of the many experiences Caroline had was once when performing spiritual healing on a client, she saw the hands of one of her guides, guiding to where her hands needed to be on the clients body.
Over time, all of this creates a person who has a greater connection to the divine.
Often this is referred to as channelling spirit. 
Author – Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics
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