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A Celtic goddess of rain, rivers, streams, ponds, oceans and water based creatures.

She heals those who swim in water and she has responsibility for the tending and growth of shrubbery by beaches, lakefronts and riverbanks.

Because of her relationship to water, Coventina can swim in the psychic domain and assist with inspiration and psychic abilities, dreams and prophecies.

She is associated with purification and cleanliness and you can call upon her for a spiritual baptism to relieve you of worries and judgements and to help you abstain from unhealthful and addictive substances.

In ancient times people would throw coins into wells associated with coventina to request her assistance (we still do it today). It was from this it started as she represents abundance.
Even though Coventina is widely known as a British divinity she helps out worldwide especially in ecological welfare.

She also is dedicated to whales and dolphins  and has been associated with the flying fish.
When invoking her she aids in:

Dolphins and other water based mammals
Healing with water
Psychic abilities and Prophecy
Purification and Cleanliness
Water cleanliness and supply

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