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Cross my palm with silver?

It is an old cliché, but it is something psychics have said for many years with good reason.

Whilst there may be people out there prepared to provide psychic readings for free, this is partly because these are psychics who wish to test their own skills of abilities on clients.

When a person seeks spiritual guidance and advise, there should be acknowledgement of the service provided and for the time spent providing that psychic reading ?

If you were to attend the temple in ancient times and speak with a healer, it would be expected to bring the elder/healer gifts to ensure they can survive in order to offer you the service.

There are a number of reasons it is in your interest to pay for psychic readings.

1.  Quality

In many cases you may know what you are getting from a free reading, but all too often you have no idea who conducting it or what their skill level is, what their ethics are or their motivation for offering free readings. A reader working on their own professionally or for a reputable company will work to ethical guidelines and within the law. Would you take any other free service from an unknown individual that you are not able to check references, feedback etc. on? Imagine free dentistry but you have no idea the ethics or qualifications of the person offering it. Would you take it?

2.  Respect

The reader is a human being like you, we offer a service that we know can help and guide you. We are charging for our time and guidance and healing where there is healing provided. Just look to the medical profession they will charge for their service provided.

3.  Balance

The energies of the universe are finely tuned. If someone takes from us then balance is returned by what they give. This can be achieved through payment.

4.  Investment

A reading, a good one is an investment in you, an investment in your future. Freud argued that payment was part of the psychotherapy and this goes for readings. If you have paid then you will take it seriously. You will only have a reading because you really need it or want it. It will on this basis, be better valued by you.

5.  Longevity

If you pay fair and square, you will never be indebted to the reader; you have a professional ethical relationship. You can return for further readings without embarrassment.

Finally a word on not getting ripped off and ‘ entertainment only’

The law in the UK puts readings into the category of entertainment and readings must be offered to you on this basis (often found in the small print). You are more likely to see these disclaimers on paid for reading services; they are a legal requirement.

It is most important to say although cheapest is often not best , there should be no need to pay extortionate sums for psychic or spiritual services . Do a little research on the going rates for the service you are looking for. If a service provider is asking for a lot more than this then ask yourself what it is they are offering you above and beyond other providers. This applies to most professions not just psychics.

Going for a well known (or personally recommended) , ethical and reputable service should mean that you get what you have paid for and there will be redress if you do not .

Enjoy your reading – it is yours

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