Crystal Heart Psychics new website

Welcome to Crystal Heart Psychics new website, we hope you like it, we certainly do and are very excited about our new site, offering greater ease of use and visibility of our psychic readers.

The new website was designed with you in mind, for ease of use so you can see our wonderful and experienced team of Psychic readers straight away.

We have kept the functionality of the old Crystal Heart Psychics website and developed it with you in mind.

We now have telephone numbers and rates for Psychic readings US, Australia and UK. Simply click on your countries flag and this will show you the numbers and rates for your country. American customers can see our credit card booking line number on the fourth box on every flag.

Free daily horoscopes, our horoscopes update daily for you to have a look every day.

Free Tarot reading, our tarot app is a great tool to use if you have a very quick question and want to ask whats in store for you, for a more in depth psychic reading/ tarot reading please call one of our lovely team of psychics online today.

Caroline founder of Crystal Heart Psychics, co Hosts a radio show on a monthly basis, if you want to listen to previous episodes please click on the link on our social media buttons.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Linkedin, Google plus, pinterest, Instragram, youtube by simply clicking on our social media buttons at the bottom of our page.


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