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This is often known as the success stone, it is believed to attract success, luck and abundance in life.
It is seen as a powerful cleanser and regenerator, it asborbs and transmutes negative energy.

Due to its colour it carries the power of the sun and is related to the solar plexus or third chakra in terms of any spiritual healing system.

On a feng shui level place a piece of Citrine in the South East corner of your house for the wealth corner.
Citrine energizes on every level and acts as an aura protector and is a keeper of the golden ray.

Golden Ray
This is the recent high vibration energy Ray to be channeled. The Golden Ray is so powerful it can dissolve negative energy within the healer and be pushed out into the aura. The Golden Ray is the Highest Ray energy which provides protection, clearance and vibration healing.

Citrine is a protector of light, helps align the subtle bodies with the psychical.
Psychologically Citrine can raise self esteem and self confidence, improves motivation and self expression.
Mentally citrine enhances focus and concentration.
For healing citrine is often used for revitalizing and recharging and has a general warming effect.

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