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Does divine intervention exist ?

In my life,(Caroline) I certainly have experienced divine intervention on numerous occasions, has it been pure coincidence. I can honestly say no.

For me it is like looking for the sign posts, when something is not your path, it will always be difficult to carry on.

Things that are meant to be, will flow and go with ease, yes whilst we still have to work for these things to come, such as if we go to a job interview we still have to put the research in, if we want to pass exams we still have to study.

If we would like a new partner, we still have to go out and socialise.
However on numerous occasions where things aren’t meant to be things will happen which makes you think ok there is my sign from above, that isnt my path anymore or it isnt my destiny.
Only to realise later on there was a reason.

For myself personal life experiences, when I have wanted something to happen that is not meant to be, certain things will happen to say no go that way. This occurs also when you hear people having a car crash,  but feeling someone was with them to make sure they were ok.

Whether that be when splitting up from a partner, and you want to get back together situations will tell you no this isn’t your path.

If it is a friendship, where for some reason you end up falling out, due to a misunderstanding. Later on you will know the reason why.

As much as I am a firm believer in positive thinking, and we are given opportunities to move forward in our life. I am also clairvoyant so see the opportunities coming your way.
We do have free will, but sometimes situations will happen to put you on path again.

As a psychic and medium and in my own personal life, I have seen too many coincidences, where situations have said this is not your path anymore.

It doesn’t feel right at the time,  but you always find out the reason further down the line.

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