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Divine timing or just an excuse?

Often when making a decision to meet up with a friend or perhaps say go to the dentist, we may make an excuse of why we cant attend on that particular day. Sometimes we may just forget to attend.

This happens in all areas of our life, when we are not in the mindset to do something we don’t wish to do. I am often asked if I believe in divine timing ? Were you ill the day you really wanted to go to the party because the universe did not want you there ?

Sometimes seems an inadequate washy washy answer but I think it is the truth . Sometimes no matter how hard we try we cannot get to do what we had planned . It is clear that we are not meant to . Although very often we have to be reminded a number of times before it clicks with us what is going on . On the other hand sometimes it is that we are not ready in ourselves . I may very easily forget a dentist appointment for example because we are nervous of the dentist ! For me that would be an excuse rather than. Divine timing . Equally I believe that sometimes we need to show the universe how much we want something by making it happen . We should not sit around waiting for fate to bring us a life partner or a new job . We do need to be active in our own fate .

So it is a balance I think between listening to our hearts , listening to the messages from the divine universe and taking action when needed by following your heart and instinct. 

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