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With regards to our lives, there a moment’s when we ask ourselves questions like:

Is life always going to be like this?

Can it really be this bad ? Especially when things don’t happen the way you wanted them to happen.

There is always a silver lining in every cloud, at the time you not think this and that is understandable. There is always a reason to clear the pathway and for a new chapter to come into your life where you get to rewrite the story of your life.

If you have learnt from past mistakes, and changed your thinking to adapt to new situations with a positive outlook, you will bring more opportunities to come your way.

The most difficult type of change is the change that is sometimes not our choice, where we have no control over the situation. This may be in redundancy scenario’s or breakdown of relationships.

However ask yourself can this a redundancy can be positive, you may have been in a job for many years and well happy to stay there because it is secure and comfortable.

You find yourself in a position where you find a new job after being made redundant and its the best job you ever had. By seeing things in a positive light, it gives you an opportunity to perhaps think outside that box for a second and choose a new pathway or perhaps learn new things and create new challenges.

Or it might simply been the push you needed to set up that business you have always dreamed of doing.

This is the same for relationships, you may have found the relationship you are in stagnant or controlling or just a relationship you were not happy in. The person you were with announces one day that they are leaving.

You may have some grief to go through, before you come to the acceptance of a relationship breaking down. But by the relationship simply not being there it has made you a stronger person, allowed you to focus in on things such as career or that hobby you always wanted to do.

It makes you go out, be more sociable and interact with different people, do things you never thought you were capable of.

Then one day, when you are the person you are truly meant to be that partner who is loving caring supportive and encouraging turns up as a bit of surprise and it is the kind of person you dreamt of.

So sometimes when times get tough, always remember the moral of the story bad situation, it won’t last and because we don’t know what is going to turn up in the future we think it’s not a nice place to be.

By keeping our faith and seeing things in a different light, it helps us see the positive in any given situation and gets us through those tough times and may even lead us onto greater things.

At Crystal Heart Psychics, we provide authentic caring and professional psychic readings, and all of our psychics have life guidance skills and can help you see the positive in your situation and provide you with the practical tools and spiritual guidance to get through those tough times.

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