Fate and Destiny

Do you believe in fate/destiny?

At Crystal Heart Psychics we definitely believe in fate and destiny, we also believe if free will.

For me personally (Caroline) founder of Crystal Heart Psychics a Psychic reading should never disempower a person. Our jobs as healers and psychics is to give guidance to provide you with the best possible outcome for your life.

I am what is known as a high level psychic which means I am able to spot several paths that you may take and some of this involves healing. So often I will perform a healing and then go into providing you with a psychic reading where there is always options and choices.

Fate is, where we believe things are meant to happen and my belief set is some things are but not all, such as meeting a partner this could be predetermined in the sense we have a soul contract with that person. So when we meet we feel this amazing connection which we cannot explain. Sometimes when this happens there may be a lesson to be learnt from that but in every instance I will say trust you gut instinct.

Destiny is something I believe we all have, we were born and before we came here we had a life plan. I often refer to we have choices throughout our lives and at times we may end up going down a cul de sac so we can learn from this. But we are always put on the right track, and often this will be our intuition that pushes us to do things we never dreamt we would do. Often you hear this when others talk about what they feel their destiny is.

Freewill, as a psychic I always advise clients our job is not to interfere with free will, we can guide meaning we can assist you in understanding what your path is but for any psychic they will advise you if we do interfere with someone’s free will we will incur karma and therefore as a rule of thumb we can offer you the choices we see from the guidance we recieve and we can assist you in making you mind up of what path you should take.


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