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As a psychic medium and clairvoyant it is always better to be more open when having a psychic reading. It doesnt mean tell the psychic you are consulting everything,it just means have an open heart, your reading will flow much easier, it enable’s the psychic to connect on a deeper level.

Psychic works differently, but we all have the ability to read into situations by using the gifts we have. If a reader uses tools such as tarot cards, angel cards, dowsing, these are mainly used to link into your energy and the energy of the situation happening around you. (See previous blogs over different psychic skills).

A good authentic psychic reading, should offer reassurance and connection and validation.

A psychic should never tell you what to do, our job is to guide you and show you the paths available to you at that time and the opportunities coming your way. A psychic reading is guidance and advise based on the messages we receive, through the tools and gifts we have, also our guides and the visions and messages we receive.

Should a psychic ask you any questions ?

The answer to this is not really, we look for confirmation from you when we have a message to pass on from departed loved one’s and may go into a saying the person would say and describe what they looked like whilst on the earth plane. Our job as a psychic is to pass messages on and to ensure we are connecting with you.
When we have a connection with you, then any psychic reading should flow freely.

It’s also why at Crystal Heart Psychics we offer the 5 minutes on our credit card readings, as if you don’t connect with a reader in the first five minutes, then we would prefer you to have a positive reader and call our switchboard to be transferred to a reader who can connect in with you.

Asking direct questions is not something a psychic should do, for example as a psychic I will only ever ask a client to elaborate if the situation is a little difficult and I need to decipher the messages I am getting from my guides. Normally I pass the messages on and then ask for greater confirmation, if I am guided to do so.
This is just for greater clarity, so we can connect into a situation a little deeper.

A psychic reading should always flow and be positive and supportive toward you, and if there are difficult situations you are surrounded by, our guidance should help give you more clarity.

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