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Guardian Angels are Spiritual beings that are allocated to each person to be passive guides and offer protection and help us throughout our lives as humans. 

Each human person has up to four Guardian Angels that are always with you; often just above you shoulders. They may ask other Spiritual Beings to help you and generally guide and connect you to resources at a Spiritual Level and your higher self (your own spiritual being/soul).

Each of your Guardian Angels has a specific purpose. They can help you with a particular area of your life. One will help you with your physical body, another with obtaining material requirements, others with Spiritual development and your safety.
They can help and often summon additional Spiritual Beings to help or heal you when you ask or are in need. They are to be celebrated and we should give praise for their presence and be grateful for their assistance and love.

Guardian Angels have never been souls of people. They are a separate entity, created to support us in our human form. 

They are our Guardians on Earth to be a link from our material world existences as humans and the spirit world.

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