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Easter is not just about giving each other Easter eggs, it is about the Christian holiday of renewal and new beginning.

Regardless of whether you are a Christian who celebrates this holiday, Easter signifies regeneration and renewal with its celebrations.

From a Christian point of view Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, and is always celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon of the Spring equinox.

The whole festival signifies renewal, regeneration and new beginnings. Once the spring equinox comes the clocks change, the weather becomes warmer, the flowers start showing and the trees start to blossom and life seems to be generally warmer.

This all provides us with a feel good factor, which makes us all generally feel better about life, we feel more energised wish to spring clean.

In relation to spring cleaning why not take the opportunity to spring clean your life along with your house !

Look forward to enjoying the summer and leaving the past behind you, look forward to renewing your energy and embrace clearing out of the past to enjoy your future to come in.

The lightness and brightness for you new life, give yourself permission to allow this energy to come to you, enjoy the moment and look forward to the summer months coming in.


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