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The origins of Valentine’s day are still quite mysterious and there is a question of how did Valentine’s day arise ?

The day originally was a day to celebrate Saint Valentinus who performed weddings for soldiers in secret. At the time the Roman Empire prohibited young men from being married, as it was believed batchelor’s made better soldier’s.

It was believed he was imprisoned for completing these ceremonies and for ministering for Christian’s. Whilst he was imprisoned and before his execution he wrote a letter to the jailer’s daughter who he had fallen in love with signed ‘from your valentine’.

Valentine’s day was not associated with Romantic love through the centuries and by the 1700’s it started to resemble what we know as Valentine’s day today.

The celebration of Valentine’s day took off in the 18th century, from lovers exchanging gifts, and hand made cards and notes, to show a token of love to each other.

Cards later became mass produced in 1850, in the United States, which changed the celebration of Valentine’s day enormously.

As part of a loving relationship the giving and receiving of gifts should be part of the normal course of the relationship and showing love. Whilst it is nice to celebrate valentines day, with cards and small gifts. Showing appreciation to your partner on a regular basis is a good basis for a healthy relationship.

If you are single on Valentine’s day.

There is nothing stopping you from treating yourself. Valentine’s day is about the receiving of tokens to show love and appreciation.

There is nothing stopping you from treating yourself.

Don’t lose heart, at Crystal Heart Psychics we are there to advise and guide and just because there isn’t that someone special on Valentine’s day, it doesn’t mean there wont be in the future.

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