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Healing and the Chakra energy system.

Healing is an art and has been in existence for many centuries. As founder of Crystal Heart Psychics I (Caroline) qualified as a Reiki and Seichem Tara Mai Master even though I discovered my gift naturally for my horse getting ill.

Seichem came out of Egyptian times, so it does say how long healing has been on our earth.
However there are many healing systems around the world, reiki, seichem, theta healing and many more. Acupuncture and Shiatsu all work off the same principles, flow of energy – namely chi, life force, prana. This is our bio energy field otherwise known as an aura.

Acupuncture uses the meridian system and this is also the same is shiatsu, energy healing systems tend to use chakra’s, otherwise seen as energy centres which sit over the human endocrine system.

A natural  born healer is intuitive, we are guided by spirit of where to heal and throughout years of studying and learning, whilst I (Caroline) understood in the main the different healing systems principles, my guidance comes intuitively and through what I channel through spirit. However it is always wise to train properly and through the right channels as you do have to learn protection.
However in my studies over the years, most systems, work on the same principles, the flow of energy through a persons body and ensuring they are aligned.

So you ask how can this help when having a psychic reading. Over our life we encounter problems we build up negative energy from those negative events.

So predominantly a healer, I learnt that reading for a client, helps a person understand on a mental level what is happening, then once we have that we can work on the energetic aspect to. Using both energy and psychology combined do treat the whole.
We all feel low when we have experienced a negative life situation and the trick is not to hang onto it both mentally or energetically.

I hear you say well how can a telephone psychic reading help ? Well it can,  energy travels just like sound waves. Hence why even as a healer and psychic I can help over the phone.

As much as psychic readings are meant to be fun and can be, we also deal with life guidance on a daily basis and with that as a psychic reader and healer for many years, I learnt I can heal aswell as offer a psychic reading over the phone. Just by removing that little bit of negative energy attached around an event that has ocurred it does help. Rest assured this is spoken from years of experience.

Below I have discussed the chakra healing system and the different chakras that work energetically with the bodies physical function.
Most healing systems talk about meridian points and chakras. Below I have explained the chakra healing system.

Where there are seven energy centres in the body parallel the spine, and each one has certain qualities and associations. A healer will look to balance and realign chakras to encourage optimum energy flow.

Base Chakra – First Chakra – Kundalini or Root Chakra

The first chakra is known as a the Kundalini chakra, the root chakra or base chakra. It is situated at the base of or tail end of the spine. It is represented by the red Maladhara mandala (root support), the element of fire and it is also symbolised by a snake or a dragon. The first chakra is the foundation of the physical body; it stimulates vital forces throughout our body and assists in keeping us grounded to the earth. It influences our immune system, our energy, basic impulses, instincts, endurance and fight or flight reactions. This chakra is the base of the six other Chakras and it deals with the body’s survival including food, shelter and protection.

Relationships in our early life influence the wellbeing of this chakra. It helps to activate our energy and stimulates activity, exercise, action and vitality, if these early relationships were easy going and of good quality, later survival issues will be easy. If there was damage to this chakra caused in early life that has not been healed then there will be problems encountered in day to day life that prevent us from moving on though our development. The root chakra is relevant to achievements in the material world, permanence, strength of character, patience, endurance and safety.

When this chakra is balanced we feel healthy, alive free, optimistic, happy, steady and full of vitality.

Base chakra – First chakra
Related Glands – Adrenal
Colour – Red/Brown
Element – Earth
Sense – Smell
Crystals – Agate, Bloodstone, hematite, garnet, ruby and red jasper
Sacral Chakra or Second Chakra

The second chakra is known as the sacral plexus chakra spleen chakra or sexual chakra. It is situated in the lower abdomen behind and approximately two inches from the belly button, in the area of the womb. The chakra is represented by the orange Svadhistthana mandala (ones own place), the element of water and it is also symbolised by a fish. It is the source of creativity and inspiration.

The second chakra is the foundation of the emotional body, it influences our ability to feel emotions, sensations and atmospheres, and controls our ability to let go of our emotions. The second chakra influences our sexuality and sensuality, physical force, sexual and ardent love, open-mindedness, our ability to yield and cooperating amicably with other people.

This chakra physically influences the lower abdomen, spleen, liver, bladder, kidneys, sexual organs, reproduction and fertility. When the sacral plexus chakra is performing correctly, the person will feel healthy, open, friendly, imaginative and creative which helps us to focus on our objectives. The person will have concerns for others as it promotes tolerance and patience which in turn helps us to relate with others in a positive manner. When this chakra is balanced it encourages intuition, a good frame of mind, energy and success. It helps you to learn from our experiences whether they be successes or failures providing us with the focus we need for our ambitions.

Sacral Chakra – Second (2nd)
Related Glands –Gonad
Colour – Orange
Element – Water
Sense – Taste
Crystals – Carnelian, coral, gold, calcite, amber, citrine, gold topaz, peach aventurine and moonstone

Third Chakra – Solar Plexus

The third chakra is situated at the base of the rib cage. This chakra is represented by the yellow Manipura mandala (jewel city) and is also symbolised by birds. It is the foundation of the metal body, and it enables us to pick up vibrations and essences from people, places and things, it also involves personal power, energy and self-control, emotional issues and issues of self-acceptance. This chakra physically influences muscles, stomach, digestion, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, metabolism and the nervous system.

When the third chakra is balanced it brings the capacity to accomplish that which we want and allows us to relax and enjoy these accomplishments. We are able to successfully wield our own power and will which attracts prosperity and balance in turn allowing us to feel safe and secure. We are more disciplined and better able to organise, able to deal with changes and see that they lead to new and better things. Life seems better and we are able to concentrate on learning.

A lack of balance in the third chakra may be due to a lack of balance in the first two Chakras. If this chakra is not working properly it is inclined to create negative influences in the physical this can be seen in the form of ulcers, digestive problems or liver and pancreas complaints, it can lead to anger and frustration, as well as problems dealing with power and authority. Anger is the product of to much self-power, everything feels like an up hill struggle which is full of conflicts. Frustration is the product of to little self-power everything feels to demanding and others place too many demands on us.

Solar Plexus – Third Chakra (3rd)
Colour – Yellow
Chakra Element – Fire
Related Glands – Liver, spleen and gallbladder
Sense – Site
Element – Fire
Crystals – Citrine, gold topaz, amber, tiger eye, gold calcite and gold

Heart Chakra ~ Fourth Chakra (4th) Fourth Chakra – Heart

The fourth chakra is situated in the centre of the chest around the area of the heart. This chakra is represented by the green Anahata Mandala (un-struck sound) and is symbolised by four legged mammals. The lower three Chakras relate to personal energy and the higher three Chakras relate to the self within the collective conscious of higher guidance the fourth chakra is the place where these other six Chakras converge it is the foundation of the astral body the connection between our physical and our spiritual body, it is driven by love. It influences forgiveness, compassion, empathy, trust, equilibrium and ease with our life. It helps us to get in touch with nature and connects us to the plant world. This chakra physically influences the lungs, thymus, circulation, the endocrine and immune systems.

When the heart chakra is balanced and in harmony with the lower and upper Chakras, we are able to strike the balance which allows for unconditional love, allowing us to help others. We feel at peace with ourselves and the world around us. It aids in rejuvenation, rebirth, success, growth, prosperity, development and rebirth, bringing balance to all parts of ourselves, in turn this helps us to help others, and we become a humanitarian.

Heart Chakra ~ Fourth Chakra (4th)
Related Glands – Thymus
Colours – Pink and Green
Sense – Touch
Element – Air
Crystals – Emerald, green and pink tourmaline, malachite, green jade, green aventurine, chrysoprase, kunzite, rose quartz, ruby, fluorite and moldavite

Throat Chakra ~ Fifth Chakra (5th) Fifth Chakra – Throat

The fifth chakra is situated at the base of the neck in the throat. This chakra is represented by the blue Vishuddha mandala (purity), the element of ether and is also symbolised by the human race. It influences communication, dreaming, artistic expression, good judgment, self belief, wisdom, truthfulness, out of body experiences and clairaudience. Physically it influences the mouth, teeth, throat, thyroid gland and the immune system.

When the fifth chakra is balanced, it allows for free communication helping us to fell centred and happy. It also helps us while we are meditating to connect with our higher guidance.
Unblocking & balancing aids to help realign the fifth or throat chakra – We can help to balance this chakra by listening to good music, singing, chanting, going for walks, looking at the sky, watching our breath and meditating outside. Bringing balance to this chakra unlocks the energy flow to the other Chakras.

Throat Chakra ~ Fifth Chakra (5th)
Related Glands – Thyroid
Element – Ether & Earth
Sense – Sound
Crystals – Turquoise, chrysocolla, chalcedony, blue sapphire, celestite, blue topaz, sodalite, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, azurite and kyanite

Third Eye Chakra or Brow Chakra ~ Sixth Chakra (6th) Sixth Chakra – Third Eye or Brow Chakra
The sixth chakra is known as the third eye chakra it is situated in the middle of the forehead linking the eyebrows. This Chakra is represented by the indigo Ajna mandala (command centre), the element of the mind, electricity and light and it is also symbolised by spirit. The third eye chakra influences our capacity to see things that are yet to come into being or clairvoyance it is the foundation of our psychic powers. When the sixth chakra is balanced we are able to see auras and spirit guides which help us to look into the past and see into the future. We are able to link into our intuition, imagination, visualize, concentrate, have insight, enlightenment and a finely tuned awareness; it also defines fantasy and reality. This chakra physically influences the eyes, vision, nose, central nervous system, brain and pituitary gland.

When the third eye chakra is balanced we feel in control of our lives and have the courage to do what we want. We are confident in our own abilities and have no need to look to others to feel whole. Our mental abilities and our sixth sense are working well.

Unblocking & balancing aids to help realign the sixth or third eye chakra chakra – We can help to balance this chakra by laying flat and placing a crystal over the third eye. Visualizing an indigo light or flame whilst meditating can also help rebalance this chakra.

Third Eye Chakra or Brow Chakra ~ Sixth Chakra (6th)
Related Glands – Pituitary
Element – Light & Water
Sense – intuitiveness or ESP
Crystals – Lapis lazuli, azurite, fluorite, sodalite, quartz crystal, sapphire and indicolite tourmaline
Crown Chakra ~ Seventh Chakra (7th) Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra

The seventh chakra is know as the crown chakra and is situated on the top of the head or crown area. This chakra is represented by the colours violet or white Sahasara mandala and is also symbolised by sacred spirits. The seventh chakra is the foundation of our spiritual body and links us to the highest guidance, the creation. It influences spiritual will, inspiration, idealism and celestial knowledge it is our connection with the universe. This chakra physically influences the cerebral cortex, cerebrum, central nervous system, glands and the pineal gland, pituitary gland and hormones related to them.
When the crown chakra is balanced we are released from ego driven desires, we are able to trust in our highest guidance and know that we are guided in all that we do.
When open this chakra feels as if there is a small amount of pressure, pulling or tugging at the crown of the head. The seventh chakra balance is affected by the balance of the previous six Chakras.

Unblocking & balancing aids to help realign the seventh of crown chakra – We can help to balance this chakra by spending quite time in mediation and connect with your inner self, higher self, spirit guides, the source, whichever works best for yourself and whatever path you walk is the right way for you. Ask in quite contemplation for guidance in matters you require answers for. Your answer may come to you immediately or may come later as an Aha moment. Try to set aside time regularly to do this and in time this will become common practice to you and answers will flow freely to you. Practice makes perfect.

Crown Chakra ~ Seventh Chakra (7th)
Related Glands – Pineal
Element – Thought & Fire
Sense – Will
Crystals – Amethyst, alexandrite, purple fluorite, sugilite, quartz crystal, diamond and selenite

Author – Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics
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