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Horus is the falcon headed sky and sun god representing strength and victory.

His father Osiris was killed by his Uncle Seth. His mother Isis magically bought Osiris back to life just long enough to conceive Horus. Then Seth once again killed Osiris.

To avoid Seth’s future murderous action, Isis bore and raised Horus in the papyrus marshes of Buto. Isis used the magical skills from Ra and Thoth to keep Horus safe.

When Horus was a young man he fought Seth to avenge his fathers death, durig this battle Horus’s eye was injured. Eventually he won the throne of both upper and lower Egypt.

After that Horus represented strength, victory and justice and every Pharoah in Egypt was considered a living incarnation of Horus.

Horus usually appears as a falcon head with a large eye, representing the third eye of clairvoyance. This all seeing can see the truth in situations.

His influence as a guide helps you see the truth in a current situation and his magical healing formula is to see all people in the situation through the eyes of love.

He assists with:
Mother-son relationships
Standing your ground
Vision psychical and psychic
He can also help against psychic attack

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