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How can a psychic reading help you, and how does a psychic work.
As discussed in previous blogs we all have an energy field around us and we can only control our way of thinking, we cannot change how others think.
The biggest example of this is relationship breakdowns and dependent upon the type of relationship breakdown this can cause incredible trauma and stress to anyone in that situation and has been scientifically proven to invoke the same feelings as grief.
It’s at these times in our life when we find it hard to listen to our own, personal radar system, which is our intuition and that is where a psychic reading can help.
There is something in the old fashioned saying “well you have got to get on with it”
As a psychic and a healer, if I provide a psychic reading and feel a client needs medical guidance Crystal Heart Psychics are bound by our ethics and guidelines from governing bodies such as phonepay plus to advise our client to speak to a medical professional.

I would also encourage a client to exercise more if they can, as exercise is proven to release endorphin’s in the brain that encourage emotional resilience.
To a point this is true, but if our emotions aren’t working in their optimum capacity it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Where a psychic can help is we can advise on many levels:
1) Tune into your energy field and understand your situation
2) Provide you with reassurance and guidance you need in that moment
3) Advise you on the opportunities coming your way
4)We can help you stay in tune of your situation and guide you in the appropriate manner
5) However as a psychic our job is to help you feel positive, enlightened and reassured.
6) We will empower you into listening to your own intuition and inner voice.
7) There is a fun element to a psychic reading also, and spirit do have a sense of humour.

Therefore a psychic can help on many levels, whether it is just a general reading to see what is coming up for you, a situation where you are dealing with a life event in career, relationships and financial matters.

A psychic will help you maintain emotional wellbeing throughout, and assist you in changing your energy into the life you want.

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