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The tarot can often be seen as a fearful tool of the psychic, namely due to such cards as:

The devil
The tower
And the infamous death card.

The devil is more about releasing your own negative thinking and releasing yourself from your inner binding chains.

The tower is depicting a situation where you feel there is uncertainty ahead, but the foundations are truly in place to rebuild again. This can represent a situation in your life where you feel unsettled and uncertain. But sometimes we are all aware that life needs a little bit of a shake up from time to time to help us re evaluate what we want, so we can rebuild on a firmer footing.

The death card is more about having a clear out, the end of a situation ready for new beginnings to come in.

So even though these cards are often seen as negative, they represent a situation that with thought and positive attitude can alter the course of your destiny to rebuild on firmer footings.
The way a psychic uses the tarot, it is more of a tool to help a psychic focus and provide structure to a reading, also by using the feelings and energy depicted in the cards it helps a psychic tune in to what is needed.

If we think of it on an energy principle, each card portrays a feeling by the very nature of the picture. This helps a psychic tune in and connect to your energy and link in to the situation that needs to be addressed.

In the past I have taught the tarot and the best way of learning is to meditate on each card from the pack you have purchased, look at the picture and understand the scenario the picture portrays. A psychic will receive from this feelings and messages.

Each card has an energy or feeling related to it and it is by this method how a psychic reads the cards.

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