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Often you may have asked yourself the question should I be with this person, the reason why you are asking this and the question you need to ask, is am I being treated right. We are often told if you love someone then you should ride the storm, work it through but at any point if the relationship is toxic to you then it is time to reconsider your options.

Sometimes, you may have a fantastic connection with someone, and yes, we at Crystal heart Psychics help you understand the energy between you and the potential special partner, but there if you are not being treated with respect, care and attention but you love a person, always ask yourself am I happy and being treated right.

If you love yourself enough and you have respect for yourself, and someone is not treating the way you wish to be treated, then there are two options try and speak with your partner, because communication love, understanding and respect for each other is essential to any successful relationship. If this is not possible, then you may have to consider seriously whether love is enough to stay with that person.

As a psychic and medium and also a qualified life coach and healer, I conduct many telephone psychic readings in the area of love and relationships, on a psychic level we can channel the guidance we receive but it does help to have common sense and grounded advice with your best interests at heart. This may mean walking away from the person you feel that you love.

Everything does happen for a reason and things do fall into place and will make sense at the right time.

Believe and trust that the true love and respect you deserve is out there waiting. By letting go of negative relationships you are allowing new opportunities to come into your pathway leading to a more fulfilling future.

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