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Isis is a multifunctional moon goddess who embodies femininity, motherhood, magic, healing and power.

The legend
She married her brother Osiris and launched a career in teaching women across Egypt about home life skills.
While she was away her brother Seth murdered Osiris and upon discovering the murder, Isis helped revive her husband from the dead an they conceived their son Horus.

Egyptian scholars regard Isis as the original High Priestess of Magic.

Legend says Isis convinced Ra to reveal his secret name to her. Once she heard the name she was privileged to understand the magic of the highest order.

It is said Isis used a magical rod for her healing’s and manifestations and used rattles to remove negative energy and lower spirits.

Isis is considered an underworld queen due to the resuscitation of her husband, and due to her work escorting the dead in general.

Her protective wings are engraved around Egypt Sarcophagus’s and they symbolise her ability to renew the souls of the dead.

Her meaning and what she can be invoked for
Her message is to have patience with yourself and whilst you are growing and learning give thanks to yourself for the steps you are taking along the way.

Celebrate every small step as indeed it is a big step in a small way, exhibit kindness and soon life will take the quality of a grand celebration.

Isis brings light into any situation, and was a powerful healer and goddess.

The thought that comes into my head as I write are “go quietly my child and discover your inner bliss, be at one with yourself and you will feel the divine within you”.

As a healer I always say we all are given different gifts and with those gifts life isnt a competition about who is better, it is about embracing those gifts we have in ourselves and making the best of who we are.

Isis aids with:

Divine magic
Feminine strength and power
Self esteem

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