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As a psychic, coach and healer, I often teach clients how to stop thinking.

Worry and fear create stress and inturn this can continue into a negative thinking cycle, creating worry and possibly loss of sleep.

Once we are in the cycle sometimes it is very difficult to switch off, this is where keeping yourself busy, doing something different, taking up an activity and meditation and relaxation can be really helpful.

Yes we are human and some of us, not all tend to worry. But worrying less is the key to healthy living.

A supportive healthy psychic reading, should provide clarification of your current situation, the energy around that situation, and the potential paths you can take. It is a clarification and confirmation that what you were feeling is correct. At Crystal Heart Psychics, our psychics offer you a number of choices and options that are coming along in your path.

Our job as psychics and healers is to provide the guidance we receive from our guides and higher consciousness and help you clarify a situation. Where perhaps you may feel you are not getting any answers. But also to assist you to become more intune with your own intuition.

If we have a tendency to overthink, we often put so much energy into this, we forget to look at the positive side of everything. We potentially create situations that are not there.

For example we meet someone new, a potential partner, we then think too much about what he/she is thinking and how does he/she feel about me, by worrying we show that when we meet the new partner and our worry creates behaviour where we are not our authentic self’s.

Also, sometimes we can make decisions based on fear, not our rational thinking and these decisions can sometimes lead us to kneejerk reactions, which may not be the right choice.
This is all understandable especially when we have been through past difficult experiences, such as being let down by a partner, or simply bad circumstance.

Everything does happen for a reason and it is our responsibility not to hold on to our past. Our past is an experience that is part of who makes us who we are today, but it isn’t something we should hold onto and create further difficulties for ourselves in the future.

Acceptance and forgiveness of ourselves is the key to moving forward, and not everyone is the same, so we need to give ourselves a chance at future happiness and let any negative situations of the past go. Past experiences can make us nervous, but it is our job to get back up again.

It is learning to trust ourselves again and that is the key, once we can do that we wont think too much, and by the very nature of just enjoying ourselves and having fun, we have a far more attractive persona, that will help attract to kind of person we choose to share our lives with.

We accept as healer’s and psychic’s and through circumstances that have occurred in our own life’s that sometimes these past circumstances can take time to heal from and it is our role as psychics to help with that process. As psychics in order to have our ability we have chosen our own life purpose and that sometimes means whilst we have guidance and intuition like any other, we do have to experience life to be in the position to be able to offer guidance.

Psychic readings are done on many different levels the world over, from just a basic general clairvoyant reading to an in depth reading, guiding you through a specific situation to perhaps a more general overview. Whether that be in the form of a tarot card reading, angel card reading, or a reading with a psychic medium.

Our purpose as psychics, clairvoyants and mediums, is to put you the client at ease and provide guidance in a positive form.

Author – Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics
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