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Colour – Pink
Chakra – Heart
Element – Fire

The bio magnetic field of the heart, is one that means connected to the fullness of all that is.
This field is n a constant flux and can be read as an overall well being of the organism.
Mangano calcite’s energies help to stabilise and enhance the hearts field and make one potentially more perceptive of everything it touches.

Because the heart knows without words.

It is a stone of empathy and it can aid individuals in increasing their empathic connections with others.

It is a stone of deep joy and is connected on an angelic level also.

It can help release fear from past experience, help remove hooks from a previous life connection such as a relationship.

It assists in self worth and self development and lifts tension and anxiety.

Author – Caroline – Crystal Heart Psychics
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Where the heart matters


Author: Crystal Heart Psychics

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