Manifesting your desires

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During our my psychic work, we often talk about manifesting our desires and the things we want in life, whether that be a new car, a new job, a new partner, love, family, money,achieving our destiny by way of law of attraction.

Manifesting explained…

Manifesting is creating the life we want, by way of the law of attraction.

Before we do this, there are some things we need to know, in this blog we am going to explain manifesting technique’s to assist you in obtaining our life’s desire’s:

  • Being at one with ourselves and the universe often called being connected, we are all part of the same source and our soul is connected as one giant network of consciousness.
  • We are not separate we are part of the earth and the universe. Our thoughts and feelings are all the universe and whether these thoughts are positive or negative we have the power to influence our situation.
  • Being at one with ourselves will unlock our true potential and spiritual power.
  • Shifting your energy vibration: Everything has an energy and this energy vibrates at different frequencies.

Have you often had that feeling where you meet someone their energy make’s you feel happy, then you may meet someone else and their energy make’s you feel low. This is all because our intuitive mind’s sense other people’s energy fields. This is an example of energy.

By shifting our thoughts to a more optimistic outlook, we are allowing our energy to shift also, so our energy vibration changes and we may become more energetic. otherwise known as operating at a higher frequency. The more positive we think, the more positive we feel, the greater we will see good opportunities. We will also attract others on a more positive frequency.

  • Take action, when we talk about manifesting, set out you goals and desires. Even create a picture board with everything you want in your life. Then ask your intuition to help guide you into what kind of action you will need to take, to assist you in manifesting your desires. A simple example of this, you want a new job. So you will need to make a new resume and apply for jobs. Looking for a new relationship, to gain more opportunities you will have to ensure you engage in sociable activities to assist you in meeting new people. come sociable to increase our chances of meeting new people.
  • Heal yourself, it is so important to heal yourself in order to manifest your desires. For example you have been through a string of bad relationships, and all have the same reason why then ended. At this point it is time to look at ourselves and gain a greater understanding, what is it that we are doing that is creating these situations, remember the law of attraction is a bit like a magnet, and like does attract like. In instances like this as a psychic and a healer I would be asking for my clients healing to take place, to assist that person in gaining the relationship they truly desire.
  • Cause and effect, remember when you are manifesting remember the law of Cause and effect, otherwise known as karma. Treat each person with kindness and respect, you will be treated with respect and kindness in return.
  • Trust! The key to fantastic manifestation is to keep our emotions and thoughts under control. Let’s imagine, we set our out dreams and desires, we have asked our intuition, to guide us to achieve what we want. The next step is to trust ourselves and our intuition, to assist us in taking action to achieve what we want.
  • Gratitude: When we are grateful for our life’s we are in a state to receive what the universe can offer us, keeping a gratitude journal is a great way of reminding ourselves of what we are grateful for.

After this we then must let go and trust the universe showing gratitude for all that we receive.

Caroline Founder of:

Crystal Heart Psychics