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Meditation – how can it help

Learning to meditate (mindfulness) is what I call brain training. It is a technique to teach us to quieten the mind. It can be very calming and help us cope whilst going through difficult patch in our life’s and it is a very calming an soothing process.

When we are going through difficulties in life we can tend to overthink things, and if this a particularly negative situation, we can think ourselves into a far worse situation. So by training our brains to be still, we can then start to see more clearly and more positively instead of listening to internal chatter, that I am sure many will agree can cause sleep disturbance and this goes hand in hand with a healthy mind.

Meditation helps you switch off your mind and internal chatter and calm yourself, especially when you feel a lot of stress is happening in your life.
Here at Crystal Heart Psychics as much as we are clairvoyants, mediums and psychics most are healers and it is our role to help set you on the right path.

Join Caroline at Crystal Heart Psychics You tube channel to listen to some of her relaxations and meditations on you tube channel Crystal Heart Psychics.

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