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Element – wind
Chakras – Third eye (6th), Crown (7th)

Muscovite is a mystical stone and has a strong angelic connection.

It helps to stimulate awareness of the higher self (our soul).

As a crystal it has the ability to recognise flaws in humanity and at the same time stimulates forgiveness, compassion and acceptance.
It is a reflective stone, so that old cliche “careful what you wish for” so it does mirror back to you what you project to the out world. 
It helps you to recognise the traits you dont like in others in yourself, but by doing this it allows you to integrate and transform.

Muscovite is a stone of divine energy and has a strong angelic connection, and psychologically it helps to remove fear, self doubt and insecurity and its energy can eliminate anger and nervous stress.

Muscovite aids problem solving and stimulates the mind, it is a stone of inspiration and fostering new pathways.

Most of us are trained to get a grip on reality, along with that we are educated to believe the future resembles the past. This is a self fulfilling prophecy and keeps up chained to predictability and kills the imagination.
It helps release negative life cycles and negative thinking and encourages you to look forward Joyfully into the future and brings acceptance of lessons gone before in the past.

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