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Chakras – Solar plexus and heart
Element – Earth

This is a stone of renewal and strength connected to atlantis and holding mystic knowledge within it.

Ocean jasper takes us back into out inner wisdom and transmutes the misuse of spiritual power at any time.

This stone teaches the wise use of power and will and is helpful for both healer’s and counsellor’s.

Ocean jasper helps one to love oneself  and others and helps provide more empathy where necessary to both emotional and mental needs whilst remaining objective and detached.

The swirling pattern in the stone helps with interconnectedness of all things and seeing synchronicity in one’s life. It reminds us that life has cycles that are rhythmical and fluid.

Ocean jasper assists with coping with change and in giving service to humanity.

On a psychological level the green in ocean jasper assists in healing of the heart, it has a nurturing energy that brings to the surface long hidden emotional issues that need to be addressed.

It helps us with patience and brings us inner peace acceptance and taking responsibility and action.

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