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Peacebuilding thoughts

Unity and peace ids recognising that each individual has worth and every person on this earth, and deserves the love, trust and respect for each other.

It is relatively easy to believe that one should pick a “side” and defend its interest at all cost, but you have to ask the question is it fair and right.

It is far more difficult to work with those you disagree with to build a new paradigm that benefits everyone.

Often we go along with what is happening around us as it requires no  thought or effort whatsoever. It becomes 2nd nature. Taking the time to see things through another’s eyes as they would see it takes great effort.

By doing this it requires that we be life long learners and embrace change. This can become uncomfortable for us.

But by Forging solutions that address the unique needs of different groups of people is an investment and its one worth making. At least it is if you believe that every person on this earth has worth and deserves the love of his peers.

This does not mean that we shouldn’t represent our interests but that we must understand that they must fit within the broader context of a framework that takes all human life into consideration.

There is a spectrum on which all human beings operate on one end of that Spectrum you have the consummate divider they seem to find the dividing lines and Society choose a side and breathe for the life in the conflict, on the other side you have the consummate peacebuilder who is constantly looking for the Common Ground away to bring all the prospective together to create a solution that is beneficial all.

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