Pet Readings

At Crystal Heart Psychics we care about your animals as much as we care about the human’s we provide psychic readings for.

Our family of online psychic readers can offer animal psychic readings and communication, simply click on our psychics profile picture to find out their skills.

There are two different types of pet psychic reading.

Communication with your pet.

When an animal has suffered something either in their previous home, or are simply traumatised by an accident, they can’t communicate with us.

They do by a look in their eyes or simply their behaviour and that is difficult for an owner to understand what the problem is.

Animal communication is exactly how a psychic would read for a person, we receive guidance from our guides, or pictures and feelings. From this a psychic can pass on the information they are receiving which helps you understand your animal better and by talking to a psychic animals do feel reassured.

Communicating with departed pets.

Sometimes when we have lost a pet that is dear to our heart, we suffer the same grief as losing a close family member and it can be difficult to come to terms with.

To know in our hearts that our beloved pet is happy and well, even though on the other side it brings us comfort. Often when Caroline founder of Crystal Heart Psychics is providing readings, an animal comes through. Sometimes when pets have passed over they are just like spirit from our ancestors and departed family around to offer support and love through tough times.

Caroline founder of Crystal Heart psychics, her horse was the catalyst for her discovery of her gifts. She would feel what he was feeling and also receive pictures of what happened to him before she owned him.

To enjoy an animal communication online psychic reading, simply look through our team of psychic readers, click on their photo to see there skills.

How can a psychic help

If an animal feels heard and loved, with respect and boundaries, they will usually settle down.

Animals do know when they are being heard, so speaking with our team of gifted psychics will help.

Not all of our psychic readers offer animal guidance, but feel free to browse our psychic readers profiles for our animal specialists.