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Chakra – Base

Element – Fire

Poppy jasper is a joyful stone, and is named due to the way it looks, with the orbicular flowers.
It is the colour of red that brings vitality passion and fire, but because it is linked to the base chakra it is also a good stone for grounding oneself.

It is very useful when fresh motivation is needed, it acts a bit like an adrenaline kick.

It helps calm an overstimulated base chakra, it is a very good talisman for protection and can rectify unjust situations , it reminds humanity to help each other.

It balances Yin and Yang, and aligns the physical emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm.
It helps clear out electromagnetic energy and assists with dowsing.

It can help bring determination and brings courage to help get to grips with certain situations. It gives self hope and self honesty. So it is a very realistic stone.

Whilst meditating it can bring insight to difficult situations.

A good stone for positive energetic support.

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