Gemstone Essential Oil Roller Bottle – Sodalite – Silver Cap



Gemstone Essential Oil Roller Bottle – Sodalite – Silver Cap

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Gemstone Essential Oil Roller Bottle – Sodalite, this roll-on bottle allows the oils to be applied precisely and easily to the skin.

The ball is made of smoothly polished sodalite. The stones placed inside provide a unique visual effect, it is also believed that they enhance the effect of the given mixture.

Sodalite is said to be helpful for the immune system and for the metabolism, it is also said to balance the body’s mineral content.

It is also believed to be a powerful stone for communication and self-expression, helping to boost creativity, self-confidence and making it easier to express one’s self.

Fill these Gemstone Roller Bottles with anything, they are perfect for use of Essential Oils, Perfumes Oils, DIY Sample Blends, Essence, Aromatherapy and other liquids.

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