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Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics is passionate about delivering quality authentic psychic readings, and speaks for all of her readers.

What does an ethical psychic reading mean ?

Whilst psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only, the quality of our readings do have an impact on the people we read for.

Caroline is a psychic medium and has been doing psychic readings professionally for 10 years and always provides psychic readings with the highest intention for the greater good of the client.

A psychic is not meant to be there to scare people, just simply pass on messages that we receive from spirit in a humble and non judgemental manner.

Over the years, Caroline has completed many readings and always sees it as a divine purpose to uplift and inspire, to provide authentic readings.

Caroline’s job as a psychic is to deliver an authentic psychic reading with the guidance she receive’s from her guides, but the main thing is to help a person listen to their own intuition and heart, and the assistance of the guidance as clarification.

This only differs sometimes when a person is in quite a vulnerable position and has lost trust in their own ability to listen to their heart, perhaps due to a betrayal that had occurred in the past.

A similar situation happened to Caroline a long time ago, and due to this Caroline has empathy and knowledge to know how it feels. Ask any psychic have they had an easy life, invariably they have been through many different life circumstances, which they have learnt from. Going through these experiences gives us greater understanding and empathy.

As a psychic Caroline is also a life coach and knows the way something is said is important. Everything given to you should be put forward in a positive manner and a psychic reading you should walk away feeling inspired and with clarity that you are doing the right thing.

So an authentic quality psychic reading, we pass the messages we receive from spirit in a caring and compassionate manner, we always remind my clients we do have quite a lot of freewill and therefore if a clients chooses to change their mind then a different path is taken.

Personally Caroline provides clients with the opportunities that is coming towards them. If there are some emotional past issues there, where necessary. With those in a reading, but unless I am guided I never over air on the past too much, it is gone and we should be looking forward as I always try to look forward for a client in a positive way.

Both Caroline and the psychics that work for Crystal Heart Psychics are passionate in giving you a positive authentic psychic reading when calling Crystal Heart Psychics.

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