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What is a psychic counsellor and Psychic therapist

At Crystal Heart Psychics, we understand a lot of people enjoy a psychic reading and  like to know what is going to happen in their future, which can offer reassurance and guidance and can also be fun. This service we offer for psychic parties and events.

All psychics and mediums have an amazing gift where we can pass messages from loved one’s passed over.
We can also help with worries in your daily life situations such as:


Where does psychic counselling come in ?

Caroline founder of Crystal Heart Psychics in her years of experience working as a psychic, combined with her qualifications in life coaching, healing and hypnotherapy understands the importance of identifying the much deeper underlying  issues that may be creating your circumstances. These issues sub consciously can create repeating negative life cycles.

By using our psychic counselling, psychic coaching and healing skills and expertise we can identify the underlying negative emotions, which inturn creates a negative energy (when we feel low this can effect our aura) and can attract negative circumstances around you. See our blogs on law of attraction and cosmic ordering.

An example of this would be that when you feel low in yourself, you lose your energy and enthusiasm for the things you enjoy doing.
By understanding our emotions and learning to trust ourselves and our intuition, which we teach, we can release any of our limiting beliefs (a limiting belief is where we subconsciously hold a perception about ourself’s where we think we cannot achieve our goals and aspirations). This can be simply down to low self esteem or low confidence in our capabilities and lack of self belief.

By releasing our negative emotions and trusting our intuition, we naturally become happier within ourselves, more relaxed and more secure about decisions we need to make in the future.

We may still need reassurance from time to time and that is fine as we are human.
Where can Psychic counselling help ?

Psychic counselling helps you by helping you feel relaxed about your circumstances.

Releasing any negative emotions you have surrounding those circumstances and yourself, and where necessary releasing your energy attached to those negative emotions.

This inturn makes you feel more secure in the decisions you are making about your own future path.

Author – Caroline – Crystal Heart Psychics

Founder, natural empath and intuitive counsellor, psychic medium, clairvoyant and energy healer.
Qualified Life coach, hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist and reiki/seichem master
Psychic readings, Psychic coaching and Psychic counselling
Where the heart matters


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