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Psychic protection helps every one and it is always wise, if you are sensitive to your spiritual nature to protect yourself.
Have you ever heard the saying – “they are dragging me down”
We have negative people and positive people in our lives, and depending on what is happening to that person in their life at that time they can be emitting quite a negative energy, in turn this can get others down.
On a spiritual level over the years I have heard various opinions saying oh they are negative person so we should stay away from them, however there is an element of that person may be a positive person going through a negative life experience and with the right support guidance and encouragement along with the willingness to change, they will come out the other side of it far stronger from that experience. As it gives a person a greater depth of understanding.
As a healer I have helped many people over the years and a person may just be having a negative life experience and that is not their fault, this can cause stress, anxiety and a whole manner of feelings.  As a healer it is my job to help that person, without letting that energy effect me, being a sensitive I do feel others feelings and therefore it is paramount to use protection. You will see people in the health profession do this day in day out, Doctor’s and Nurses for example. Even though I am a healer and I truly believe in the benefits of healing, I think both medical and holistic health work hand in hand.
As an energy worker though it is paramount to protect yourself, whether this is due to being in the presence of a negative human energy field or negative spiritual energy field. To protect ourselves all we need to do is set up the intention we will not be taking anything negative on board. Example in an important meeting where we may have to stand our ground set the intention for full and complete protection.
We can practice visualisations:
Setting up a vision of a bubble around ourselves, or an egg or sphere.
We can ask the angels to protect us and wrap their wings around us.
We can set the intention for the kind of interaction we would like to have with other people. Intend to remain fully and completely protected at all times in a way that causes no harm or discomfort to anyone.
Protection is about learning to interact with others, regardless of whether positive or negative and not allowing their energy to effect us.  For example at work, we may have to interact with someone we dont necessarily resonate with on an energetic vibrational level. However we can learn to work with this.
By asking for protection, we will not be effected half as much.
Whichever way we choose, is the right way for you.
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