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Many would see a psychic reading as a bit of fun, to see what the psychic says.
While it is nice to know what the future holds,  especially when you are at a crossroads in life and don’t know which route you should take.

I (Caroline) am a firm believer in thoughts create things and each thought has an electrical energy attached to it, I also believe we have free will and the choices of our path and life purpose are up to us.
I am also a believer in psychic readings should help a person heal, they should be uplifting and positive and as a healer I give a reading and sometimes I also provide healing where I feel it is needed as I have before emotional well being is just as important and psychical wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing, and having a healthy mind can effect the energy we give off.

We do however have many paths and choices to take, and some of those paths,  they may be right for a time, but then we will know if we listen to our heart and intuition what is right and wrong.
I also belief in destiny and fate and I do think there are certain cycles we will be brought back round to pay attention to until we wake up and do something with that.

For me personally Caroline, it was my healing and psychic gift.  I knew it was there for many years prior to addressing my gift and  working professionally as a psychic medium.  Any natural intuitive reader will tell you themselves, they were bought onto their path and didn’t necessarily go looking for it.

Most psychics and clairvoyants are healers and psychic readings can help you on many levels, with your emotional well being,  and spiritual well being.  By offering the guidance we get we can assist you in  lifting  your energy so you feel more positive about your future and in turn by you lifting your energy, your  life will become lighter and brighter.

As you become more positive in yourself things do change around you, as a psychic I  have experienced this on numerous occasions, both in my own personal life and from feedback from clients.

When you have had a negative experience and want to know if everything will work out ok.  Our job  as a psychic is to  receive the messages we get from spirit in the best interpretation we can.

However when you do become more positive, you may find, that some people will magically disappear out of your life, ready for new people to come in.

You attract different people around you who are more supportive and caring to be with.
As a healer, whilst I do know and accept negative people do exist, and when I say negative people I must say it is more people who are negative towards you, not fed up with their life circumstances, as we all go through life’s ups and downs.

If you have a friend at a low ebb in their life, just remember it is just a cycle and they will come out of it again. The negativity could be caused by a life circumstance that is impacting them.

Psychic readings are a mix of providing you with the information we receive, and offering life guidance and giving the feedback you require in an honest and caring manner.

Author – Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics
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