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A crystal is pure and beautiful just like a heart, and whilst it is strong, it is also fragile, and can be broken into pieces just like a heart. Our logo represent a diamond heart which represents strength and purity.

At Crystal Heart Psychics we are passionate about authentic caring ethical professional psychic readings. We are here to guide and help you come to terms with situations that are occurring in your life now, along with your past, present and future, so we can help settle your mind.

By providing you with a greater understanding of your situation, it helps you let go, we can tell you the opportunities that are going to come your way in the future but we always say you have free choice and free will.

With our support and guidance we can assist you through most situations and it is why our team of psychic combine their psychic skills with both counselling and coaching. Most of our team at Crystal Heart Psychics have coaching and counselling experience and qualifications, alongside their amazing spiritual gifts.

We are here to help all on any level, we can provide you with the opportunities coming into your path and give you a general reading or if necessary we have the skills at Crystal Heart psychics to assist you in a recovery of a situation.

At Crystal Heart Psychics Caroline the founder of Crystal Heart Psychics sets the intention that we provide psychic readings for the highest good of the people both Caroline and her team of Psychics read for.

Everything has a heart and we help you with your heart no matter what your situation.
All of our readers, are professional, caring psychics, where we can truly help you get the the heart of the matter.

Author – Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics
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Where the heart matters


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