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Are emotions and career attached.

In the business world, we are often told emotions and business don’t work together, there is no room for emotions in business, don’t show your emotions at work, being logical and rational will assist up in making good decisions fro the good of the business.

Whilst this may be true to some extent and we all need a sense of professionalism if you really start to list what makes a good business person it isn’t all about business.

But in truth for a business to get off the ground or we wish to see a product we need to have passion about what we do. This indeed an emotion !

In order to achieve success, first of all we have to be resilient, passionate, determined and have motivation and drive and enjoy what we do.

If we don’t enjoy what we do, then we lose our motivation.

Whilst yes there is an element of making financial decisions which has to benefit the business and sometimes this could mean job cuts, and difficult decisions, this is where it is difficult to show emotion when making decisions, but a company will not succeed without positive emotions. So emotions and business go very much hand in glove contrary to popular believe.

For example if we are doing a good job, and we know we are well thought of in the company and held in regard, it makes us want to work harder.

However business seems to be good at dealing with positive emotions, of passion, motivation, determination, drive, enthusiasm.

Companies aren’t so great at supporting staff going through life difficulties, and this is where Crystal Heart Psychics can help. We offer grounded practical and solid advise, as mentioned before all of our psychics are experienced, passionate about what they do and caring and most have life guidance/counselling and life coaching experience or qualifications.

A unhappy worker leads to job dissatisfaction, demotivation, higher levels of sickness, performance issues and this can also become a cost to any business.

Good management of staff regardless of industry and profession is the most cost effective way of managing a business.

A happy and healthy workforce is the optimum a company can achieve and if a company has a positive environment to work in then that enthusiasm is infectious and soon you have a great team wanting to do their best to assist the company in achieving it’s best.

In a negative environment, this has the same impact but in the opposite effect. Most of the staff are demotivated, they don’t feel inspired or motivated to go into work and are not committed to achieving results for the company.

Granted at different times in our life’s, people may go through difficult life circumstances and by supporting an employee through this it makes that person feel more secure in their role and also more appreciative of the company they work for.

It is a known fact that nowadays stress and illness can be a high cost to any business and stress is a massive cost to any business.

So do emotions and business not belong to each other ? As a psychic and a healer and also working in the corporate world for many years, emotions play a huge role in our interaction in the workplace and a happy balanced workplace is a much more pleasant environment to be in, and a highly motivated workforce.

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